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Bugzone, transforming the school grounds

St Anne's Primary School

Transforming the school grounds – the Bugzone is a well designed, safe and practical solution, with fabulous free resources

Jane Wagstaff, Eco Coordinator and Forest School leaders Amanda Greenow-Langford and Alison Neary were all keen to have a pond in the grounds.  They were keen to ensure it would be safe, particularly as reception children do forest school every week.

Creative Pond Covers supplied a Bugzone Pond – a pond liner together with a safety cover.  Parents dug the hole and installed the pond and it quickly became established.

Reception children regularly visit the pond as part of their forest school programme.  Wildlife Clubs have been run for year 2 and reception with the pond as a focal point and pond dipping as a great highlight.  A pond dipping session was also held for year 5 students as part of their life cycles study.

Ponds are a great habitat, particularly where there is limited outdoor space, they contain fascinating creatures and children can see life cycles and food chains in action.  Using the pond across the curriculum can engage the children in subjects from Maths to ICT.  Free curriculum guides for Early Years, KS1 and KS2 help teachers to use the pond across the curriculum, a free pond dipping guide makes a pond dipping session less daunting and a free app helps the children to identify the creatures they find when pond dipping.

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