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Create online quizzes and interactive learning packages from PowerPoint slides

London South Bank University

“We use QuizSlides for both formative and summative assessment, and also to provide students with bespoke interactive learning packages.”

So says George Ubakanma, Head of Computer Science and Informatics at London South Bank University.

Creating web-based quizzes and self-learning materials can be very time consuming, but QuizSlides eases the process by enabling teachers to produce them using PowerPoint (or equivalent), which is a tool that most teachers are already very familiar with. Existing slides that teachers already have can be tweaked and reused. Each slide can be either a question slide or an information slide, and this provides a lot of flexibility.

Students find that QuizSlides works well on a range of platforms, and they like its attractive user interface. They also like the fact that they can work through the formative quizzes and learning packages as many times as they like in their own time.

QuizSlides supports a number of novel research-based multiple-choice test formats in addition to the traditional one. For in-class summative assessment we use the “subset selection” test format, since this significantly reduces the impact of guesswork – so that the test scores are a more reliable indicator of each individual student’s knowledge and understanding.

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