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Doddle at Harrow International School

Harrow International School

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Jonathan Barry, Assistant Head of Science at Harrow International School, spoke to us about the success Doddle has had in his department

Why Doddle?

As a department, we first started using Doddle because we wanted to have a variety of engaging homework tasks that would constructively assess our students and also save colleagues time. The Mini Quizzes and Multiple Choice Quizzes achieve both of these aims: they allow the students to test themselves and revise topics after lessons.


Saving teachers’ time

Teachers like Doddle because it saves them planning time. The pre-made presentations provide a good skeleton of information, which can easily be adapted for a more detailed explanation when appropriate.

Self-marking quizzes allow teachers to spend more time planning the next steps for students and providing constructive feedback, rather than spending endless hours ticking and crossing work or trying to decipher students’ handwriting.


Encouraging independent learning

Since using Doddle, the Science department have noticed that setting cover work is much easier. Any member of staff can simply allocate tasks for students to complete, while assessment for learning can still be built into cover lessons. We have also noticed a rise in student attainment, as students are now able to revise in an engaging way on their own, whenever they would like to.



My personal favourite pieces of functionality are the ease with which I can save lessons into folders, and the ability to download a spreadsheet of my students’ grades to enter into my main markbook.

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