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GCSEPod in further education

Leeds City College

Age Range

What GCSEPod does is show them that there is a different way of GCSE learning, one that empowers them.

Thousands of 15 and 16-year-olds in secondary school education are preparing to take their GCSE exams this summer.

Indeed, GCSEs and secondary schools are irrevocably linked in most people’s minds.

But it won’t be just this year’s crop of Year 11s who will be sitting down to take these important exams in what is the final year of compulsory secondary education in the UK.

There will be students aiming to achieve good GCSE grades second time around, as well as in some cases those taking the exams for the very first time, years after leaving their school days behind.

It has revolutionised students’ capacity for independent learning in English, especially for those who may be holding down jobs alongside their studies, or who are having to juggle family and college life.

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