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How one Primary school got rid of admin hassle for good

Guilden Sutton Primary School

Age Range
Early years5-77-11

Guilden Sutton Primary School found a way to remove headaches from trips, school meal payments, sporting events, and even the school disco!

Guilden Sutton Primary School in Cheshire found a new way to remove headaches from residential trips, school meal payments, sporting events, and even the school disco! One of the school administrators had used management app eeZeeTrip as a parent at a neighbouring school, and was keen to see the benefits for Guilden Sutton.

Following this, headteacher Kathy Crowe then met eeZeeTrip at an Innovate My School Speed Dating event, and was interested in making her administrators’ lives easier. Like many schools, Guilden Sutton were overloaded with the paperwork involved in the day-to-day communication with parents. Being able to send information direct to parents via the eeZeeTrip app has meant that the rummaging in school bags for letters and sorting out crumpled bits of paper to send back to school is a thing of the past.

Replies to invitations for the various events at Guilden Sutton Primary are now automatically collated in a single place as soon as parents ‘tap the app’ to sign up. Eliminating the carousel of paper letters, not having to sift through lots of email replies and event spreadsheets has reduced much of the daily admin hassle and phone calls chasing parents. The school have even used eeZeeTrip to quickly gather consent from parents for the use of pupils’ pictures on social media.

Because parents can pay for items via eeZeeTrip, the school has seen a dramatic reduction in the amount of cash being held on premises – far safer than sending money to school with pupils. Plus, the finance admin hassle is eased with automatic deposits of money directly into the appropriate school bank accounts – fully reconciled and audited.

Top 5 benefits:

1. Amount of administrators’ time saved.
2. Substantial reduction in paperwork.
3. Easier to collect payments and less cash in school.
4. Activities, communications and payments all managed in one place.
5. Happy parents!

“It really is a great system, and so easy to use,” enthused one member of the admin team. “Being able to duplicate similar events and then make small amendments at the touch of a button saves so much time.”

Meanwhile, one thrilled parent had this to say: “[The app is] very useful; it’s great to pay and reply to events without sending cash or slips of paper to school. Love the message system, too.”

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