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Human Heroes,

Human Heroes at St. Luke’s Primary School

St. Luke’s Primary School

Age Range

Human Heroes games are being used at St. Luke’s Primary School to supplement the Key Stage 1 and 2 maths and science.

At St.Luke’s primary school, children are already plowing through another school term, equipped with a new pencil case, new textbooks, but the same set of learning resources that have been a part of St. Luke’s over the last 2 years: Human Heroes games!


We’ve partnered with St. Luke’s Primary School to help bring Human Heroes titles (5 in total) to the classroom (and beyond). School leads are using Human Heroes games to complement the learning of a broad range of Key Stage 1 National Curriculum topics, including reading clocks, the states of matter, and experiencing the abstract concept of the passing of time through counting seconds. Children take learning to the next level by covering the basic theory behind advanced topics such as speed, time, gravity, radioactivity, what an atom is, particle physics, the chemical refinement process and more. 


Teachers have commented positively on the impact of using our technology in the classroom which has led to a huge increase in motivation and engagement due to the gamification of their learning. 


Pupils at St. Luke’s are not only engaging with Human Heroes to learn but are also an active part of the design and testing process! Here, pupils are providing constant feedback on our game design, gameplay, engagement, character designs and so much more with each of our current (and future!) Human Heroes titles.


We welcome all future clients to have that personal relationship with us so that we can continue to develop high-quality, highly-educational and engaging educational games that inspire generations to come!

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