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Turnitin Feedback Studio,

Improving The Learning Experience Through Technology

Bradford College

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Turnitin Feedback Studio helps Bradford College detect plagiarism and streamline internal processes.


Bradford College licenced Turnitin to initially provide an industry-leading check against plagiarism as part of their assessment and quality assurance processes, although many departments were so busy with their day-to-day operations that for a number of years, the use of Turnitin did not extend beyond the initial digital submission and originality-checking service.

The Challenge

As part of a move into new facilities, the College also started looking at ways to streamline its internal processes in order to ‘work smarter’, and so a challenge was set – how to improve and enhance assessment processes for the benefit of both staff and students?

The Results

Use of Turnitin has spread quickly across the whole College with all top-up courses and all foundation degree courses now using the service.All assignments are now submitted, marked and graded through Turnitin, so records are easily accessible and transparent. All the marks are exported so the College can analyse the data and integrate them into their own metrics.

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