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Students from Lingfield College love the new and improved Exam Reader


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We Invited Lingfield College to share their experience using the C-Pen ExamReader

We started with one Exampen by Wizcom which helped one of our most dyslexic students but then trialled the new C-Pen Exam Reader as soon as it became available. We had received positive feedback from the older pen, but when the new C-Pen arrived, students took to it much more quickly and regularly report how helpful it is. It has been much more useful to a wider range of students, including those who would not otherwise qualify for a reader, but who can really struggle with decoding technical words at speed, especially at GCSE and A level. The willingness of students to try it was the most influential factor. Even those eligible, did not want to sit with a human reader during exams, and found computer readers clunky, especially in Maths and Science papers. They liked being able to sit in the exam hall with everyone else and results improved. It has also worked out much cheaper than a human reader.
Apart from the above, our most favourite feature is the ability to have text read out in different languages. This has significantly helped those students who regularly used a C-Pen Exam Reader in other subjects match their attainment in their modern foreign language.
We are primarily using the C-Pen Exam Reader with dyslexic students during internal and external exams. However, I did have one student last year that used the C-Pen reader on a regular basis to improve both vocabulary and access to texts. The C-Pen Exam Reader has improved the confidence of those who use it. They also feel less ‘different’ by being able to sit with everyone else at a normal desk in the exam hall. Would definitely recommend to other schools–we continue to expand its use.

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