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Tute | New Pasture Lane | Case Study

New Pasture Lane Primary

Age Range

100% of students rate the quality of what is delivered in lessons as excellent

School Context

New Pasture Lane Primary School is a small (205 students on roll), but very successful, primary school in the seaside town of Bridlington in East Yorkshire. Many students enter the school as below national expectations, but all leave above national expectations and progress is above what is expected.

New Pasture Lane currently uses Tute with their more able pupils from year 2 upwards, to provide lessons that stretch and challenge students, encouraging them to make greater progress.


Tute’s Purpose

To provide numeracy sessions for More Able Mathematicians in Year 3, Year 4 and 6 that are both enriching and stretching for these pupils.  The sessions use elements of the current school Learning programmes and build upon them.

After multiple successful cycles of learning programmes, the Tute cohort has expanded significantly, introducing more students from KS2 and, for the first time, later this year, KS1.


Student feedback comments

Student Feedback is taken for each cohort of students. The most recent of which is detailed below:

100% of students enjoy Tute lessons

100% of students rate the quality of what is delivered in lessons as excellent

100% of students feel safe in Tute lessons

100% of students feel that they make progress in Tute lessons

100% of students feel that their responses are valued in Tute lessons

85.7% of students feel learning online is better than learning in a classroom, the remaining 14.3% feel it is just as good as learning in the classroom.

100% of students enjoy learning online with others.

100% of students would recommend Tute.

Student comments:

Why do you find online learning as good or better than learning in a classroom?

When we learn about something more it helps me in class to do better.

I concentrate more.

It is more fun to be doing work online since I find I’m very passionate about computers.

I get to see how its explained instead of being at the back not being able to see.

It makes me more confident and helps me learn new things that we might learn in class.

It’s unique to teaching in a classroom.

It’s basically just the same, but you’re on an online website instead of a computer online.


Student Radio Broadcast

Students were also interviewed for their school radio show on what their experiences of using Tute was like.  Below are some of their comments. The full audio is attached.

It gets you somewhere.

I do like Tute.  I would rather do Tute (than be in the classroom).

It’s unique to being in the classroom doing work.

If you get stuck, you can ask the online teacher to have help

It can help you with things that you don’t understand r just don’t know about.

It can push you a lot…they push you harder, getting you to do it and if you don’t understand it, they’ll give you a lot of help.

Push you much better than it would in class.

You get this little chatbox in the corner and you can say to the teacher, “Oh I don’t understand this, please will you go over it for me,” and she will go over it for you.

Definitely (helps you with your maths a lot).

Instead of just teaching us the same thing over and over again, she teaches us different things.

I like how you talk.


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