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Planet eStream at Loughborough Schools Foundation

Loughborough Schools Foundation

Age Range

Planet eStream Helps a Foundation of Independent Schools Promote Achievements

Spectacular Live Streaming

Loughborough Endowed Schools’ E-learning Coordinator, Caroline Winship, was responsible for the
initial selection of Planet eStream and for using it to capture the All-Steinway School celebrations.
She says: “Richard Smeeton, our Director of IT Services met Planet eStream at a Firefly VLE conference in
November 2014. I visited their stand at the BETT show and saw the Planet eStream
demonstration. It looked exciting, and ticked all of our boxes in terms of functionality, so we took
things from there. We haven’t looked back.”


Enhancing the Classroom Experience

Staff routinely use Planet eStream to capture elements of a lesson to enhance learning. An
excellent example of this takes place regularly at Fairfield Preparatory School. The Head of Modern
Foreign Languages, Mme Lisa Izard, records classroom video footage of pupils speaking a foreign
language on an iPad. She then embeds the footage into our Firefly VLE using the Planet eStream
app allowing students to review the video footage within the very same lesson. This has an
enormous motivational and learning impact on younger pupils who love the opportunity to watch
themselves perform on-screen. “The facility has really captured their imaginations and inspired
them to work even harder in the subject,” says Lisa.



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