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Students drive GCSE/IGCSE learning at Deira International

Deira International School

Age Range

Our students are growing up in the YouTube era. GCSEPod’s 3-5 min videos help concepts become clear, very quickly to students.

We are an Al Futtaim Education Foundation School, we work hard to that ensure our students are motivated and empowered to learn independently; taking control of their own learning, and ensuring they are engaged in challenging, stimulating activities which are facilitated by the teacher but led by their individual needs.

We do this by focussing on our students’ holistic development by considering their individual needs and learning styles. To support this, two years ago, we started using GCSEPod, which provides learning content for each curriculum area in a video ‘pod’ based format. Our students are growing up in the YouTube era so could see that the short, three to five-minute audio-visual ‘pods’ explaining the various learning concepts provided an ideal homework and learning resource.

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