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Students Get Real Time Insights Into Their Learning At The Royal Kent School

The Royal Kent School

Age Range

“The interactive screens were pivotal in our choice of Unio and now I can monitor the progress of 30 students at once in a live lesson.” Mr Joe Blaney

At The Royal Kent School in Surrey, students enjoy dynamic, visual learning experiences using shared, interactive screens brought by Unio By Harness. Designed with teachers to support excellence in modern pedagogy, Unio promotes a powerfully learner-centred style of instruction.

“Class collaboration is very important to us at The Royal Kent School” says teacher and computing co-ordinator, Mr Joe Blaney “The interactive screens were pivotal in our choice of Unio and now I can monitor the progress of 30 students at once in a live lesson.”

Blaney explains that timely feedback is “critical at key stage two” and that he has developed a learning culture whereby children can evaluate their progress through self, peer and teacher assessment strategies. Using Unio feedback tools, which include interactive, automarked quizzes, Blaney’s learners enjoy instant information about their learning against the lesson objectives.
Blaney explains that Unio is an excellent way to breathe life into traditionally ‘dry’ topics of learning, such as spelling and grammar.

“A successful learning environment is one where students are challenged and inquisitive about their learning” he says “Technological integration helps engage and enhance a child’s educational experience.”


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