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Tracking patterns of student behaviour

Sir John Talbot's School

Age Range

Sir John Talbot’s is a state secondary school in Whitchurch, Shropshire, England, for pupils aged between 11 and 18.

As part of The Marches Academy Trust they have access to a network of support, ensuring they are operating at the forefront of educational thinking. Subscribing in 2016, in the first 6 months of their subscription students watched a whopping 12, 486 Pods. Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Dawson, shares her experience on how they have been using GCSEPod to track student behaviours.

“GCSEPod has been an invaluable tool in tracking student patterns of behaviour. We can see from the evidence base when most students start to revise and how intense that revision is, in the lead up to their exams. This is powerful because it gives progress leaders an insight into the impact of the wider pastoral revision programme and we can see if and when the students are engaging. “We have been able to increase the pace of our messages and drive based on what GCSEPod has shown us. “We can view data on all students in a year group very quickly. It is an intuitive programme and students know that we can see what they have been revising. It can be the conscience they need to keep them on track.

“Teachers can change passwords quickly and the students create their own logins so it cuts down on any administration time and costs in school. “The ‘Pods’ are intelligently presented, leading students through key topics with images, videos, audio and text. Key words are prominently displayed and emphasised within them which supports the development of literacy. ”The resources are quite different to others available on the market. As a Year 11 tutor it is easy to make use of this during tutor activities and extraction sessions. Students can plug headphones into a computer and work independently. “Our most disengaged students have engaged with GCSEPod. Students who are at home can revise independently with GCSEPod at home in holidays and at weekends. When GCSEPod is used at school and at home it becomes part of a student’s revision routine. The more they use it, the more they benefit. “Students are able to create their own play lists where they select podcasts based on key areas of weakness.

One student who had a paper round loaded his podcasts and listened to his play list every morning. “I have been impressed by GCSEPod’s ability and efficiency in moving with exam reform. The resources are strengthened and targeted when they need to be and it is easy to navigate through the menus to select the courses that run in your school. “It was interesting on results day to compare the students who made the most progress KS2 to KS4 with the number of podcasts viewed. There was no surprise that our top performer in terms of progress was in the top 3 GCSEPod users. “At the end of the phone, Kate has been incredibly supportive. She helped us get set up as a school in an online tutorial and support over the phone. When I was concerned about the students not using GCSEPod enough this year Kate ran a comparison check and told me the week in the previous year when our students had started to engage fully with revision.” Call 0191 338 7830 to find out how GCSEPod can work for your school.

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