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Wizenoze enabled students to access digital educational content and supported teachers in decreasing the time it takes to support lesson planning

Vodafone - St Joseph’s School

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Wizeup empowers students with research and further learning by removing the usual distractions of the internet.

About Vodafone

Vodafone is a world-leading technology communications company with 18 million customers in the UK, with 625m global customers across 65 countries. Its social enterprise, Vodafone Business Ventures, is committed to providing access to technology to children, teachers and schools, for a better future. Runs a programme across Europe called Connected Education, bringing digital learning to the classroom through a combination of connectivity, devices and curriculum-based content. 

What are the challenges?

Vodafone highlighted a gap in the Digital Education market, with an estimated one million children and young people in the UK with access to inadequate access to technology at home. Connected Education and Wizenoze as part of Vodafone’s plan to enhance digital technology in the UK for learners. Wizenoze’s platform Wizeup enabled students access to reliable, curriculum matched content via Connected Education’s tablets. 

Wizenoze not only enabled students access to content and removed the many distractions it also supported teachers in decreasing the time it takes to support lesson planning. 

The Wizenoze solution

Together with Vodafone and Connected Education Wizenoze worked with teaching professionals to support in the lesson planning and aiding students with research outside of the classroom. 

Year 5 students (age 10-11) were set a 5 week project which they had to research, students were asked to research the vikings. Using the Wizeup solution to gather research, over the 5 week project students used a simple step solution to go from looking at simple research to then further research from primary and secondary resources. Wizeup allowed students access to resources without the usual internet distractions and supported them in further learning by introducing further resources. 


Throughout the 5 week Viking project students used Wizeup to understand basic information, understand how to research and that different resources have different credibility, how evidence has changed opinions and also counter opinions. 

85% of students could easily read and understand the content found on Wizeup and 79% felt their work was supported. 


“The students were able to focus more on finding the right info rather than getting bogged down in other websites”

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