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Gain immediate access to tailored advice to help you make a real impact on education this term

The Catch-up Challenge School Support Scheme connects teachers and school leaders to trusted UK education suppliers who are pledging a limited number of guidance slots to schools – offering tailored and timely advice to support your school’s catch-up plans.

How does it work?

  1. Filter by the Ofsted requirement most relevant to your school’s priorities

  2. Choose from the suggested suppliers, all of whom are trusted BESA members and book your free call

  3. Each appointment will cover:

    • a diagnosis to assess the challenges faced by your school
    • key areas to consider and prioritise
    • recommendations and next steps

With the Catch-up Challenge School Support Scheme, you can:

Address your catch-up needs this term with timely and targeted advice

Search by Ofsted criteria to find relevant and tailored guidance, suited to your school’s specific requirements

Book a call with your chosen supplier, gaining immediate access to specialist support

    • including attendance, behaviour management, bullying and anti-discrimination
    • including school policies, governance, safeguarding, recruitment, and strategy
    • including wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, PSHE and careers
    • a. Intent (including the extent to which a school offers a planned and sequenced curriculum, a full curriculum including technical and vocational opportunities and also provision for SEND & highly-able students). b. Implementation (including teacher knowledge and CPD, approach to the teaching of reading, assessment tools) c. Impact (including summative assessment, technical, vocational training, resilience, and broad reading knowledge)

Found 39 vendors.


We can offer schools a range of advice on the intent, implementation and impact of the curriculum at Primary, enabling schools to deliver impactful teaching and learning across all subjects.

With wellbeing at the forefront of many schools' plans, we can support you in identifying ways to boost children’s physical and mental wellbeing. We can assist schools in delivering a rich PHSE curriculum too, ensuring children have the knowledge they need to deal with real-life situations.

We take the stress out of improvement planning and self-evaluation. Helping leadership teams conduct a full school self-evaluation in a fraction of the time.

Ark Curriculum Plus

As students re-enter the classroom, we see the impact of remote learning more clearly than ever. Despite the challenges, we at Ark Curriculum Plus remain steadfast in our belief that all students can succeed. We provide an effective curriculum with integrated professional development, knowing that the teacher makes the difference. Start a free trial or schedule a call to see how we can help you get your school on the road to recovery.

Class Charts

Pupil behaviour is the biggest barrier to good teaching & learning that teachers face. Our behaviour management module is quick and simple to use. Monitor and motivate pupils with achievement and behaviour points in 2 easy clicks. Instant reports for teachers, form tutors, pastoral teams and SLT. Also learn how you can track pupil well being and log safeguarding concerns - all from the same platform. Our Product Specialists talk to schools every day and have implemented Class Charts to fit a wide range of educational settings.


Collins are a leading education publisher for primary and secondary, producing pupil and student books, teacher support, revision and digital resources covering a range of subject areas. As such we can offer advice on how to benefit from print resources and digital support for schools looking to put in place a recovery curriculum. We have particular expertise in primary reading and in secondary across English, science and maths. In addition, we produce comprehensive resources for delivering PSHE and RSE from KS1-4, so would also be able to support schools looking to focus on pupil and staff wellbeing.

Connectus Scotland Ltd

Connectus has over 650 schools using our products and we been working in the parental engagement area for over eight years. We have a number of case studies that we can share and are specifically related to primary schools across the UK. The free consultancy hour will be structured as follows - a brief introduction to your school, how the school is communicating at the moment and the main challenges being faced ( ideally prior to the one hour ) followed by feedback and thoughts from our CEO.

Early Excellence

Gain support in reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness and impact of your Early Years and/or Key Stage One with support from Early Excellence. With expert knowledge of child development, pedagogy and practice coupled with an up to date picture of the national arena, inspection framework and the latest research, we can review, support and quality assure your EYFS and KS1, building a partnership to help you drive forward longer term innovation and improvement.

Firefly Learning

Firefly creates technology for parent engagement and learning continuity - partnering with over 850 schools, Firefly is used by more than 1.5 million students, teachers and parents in 40 countries. We can help schools with curriculum management, reducing teacher workload, streamlining administrative tasks and share ideas on how to give parents a richer understanding of their child's learning and experience of school.

Fresh Start in Education

Positive Behaviour Support - techniques and strategies for creating an inclusive classroom, minimising the need for exclusion. The importance of considering teacher wellbeing as a precursor to student wellbeing.

GL Assessment

GL Assessment

We are offering free one-to-one data consultations with our Assessment Insights Education Advisers to help you maximise insights from your assessments. The team consists of data experts with over 50 years combined classroom experience, here to help you interpret your results so you can make the best use of your data to inform in-school actions. We will:
1. Review your assessment data in advance of the session.
2.Provide an objective summary of key findings.
3.Help you to identify next steps. This service is available for: CAT4, PT Series, NGRT, PASS, WellComm, Rapid, CoPS, LASS, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Screeners.

Good2Learn logo


Uniquely knowledge dependent, not age or year-group dependent, the platform is perfect for intervention and catch-up. Key insights make it simple for teachers to structure a personal learning plan for pupils and keep track of their progress. We can advise on how to significantly improve pupil performance and self-esteem and greatly reduce teacher work-load.

iCompute Logo


iCompute was the first primary computing scheme in England. Our author was part of the group responsible for drafting the National Curriculum for Computing and was funded by the DfE to train teachers throughout England after its introduction. Our computing curriculum and resources are trusted and used by thousands of schools around the world and have been nominated for prestigious BETT and ERA Awards each year since 2014 for innovation and computing resources. iCompute have a proven record of raising standards and attainment in computing and we can offer expertise in designing and implementing a world leading computing curriculum.


We will share our experience and knowledge of the evidence based and award-winning Dynamo Maths, a provision for SEND and typically developing children who need to catch-up. Dynamo Maths includes an online standardised assessment (SASC approved resource), and an intervention programme that embeds a multiple approach with an impact measurement tool to monitor performance and progress. We will share the effective use of the targeted online intervention and additional resources for the SENCo, TA and class teacher. Jelly James Publishing specialises in addressing developmental dyscalculia and maths developmental delays.

Literacy Planet

We can offer advice on how to use online resources to help students catch up around literacy, how to gets students engaged in English and activities and how to use online resource to help aid and guide teaching in the classroom.


Microsoft supports teachers and students all over the world to achieve more with our education solutions. From a teaching perspective, we can support educators with guidance on how to embed our tools effectively into the curriculum for the best possible student outcomes. We can also support senior leadership teams to create and develop effective digital strategies for whole school benefit, from the back office to the classroom. Our experts will tailor the support based on each school need, leaving you with tools to continue with independent learning after the session.

Mighty Writer

Uniquely knowledge dependent, not age or year-group dependent, the platform is perfect for intervention and catch-up. Key insights make it simple for teachers to structure a personal learning plan for pupils and keep track of their progress. We can advise on how to significantly improve pupil performance and self-esteem and greatly reduce teacher work-load.

Morleys (Bicester) Ltd

As a leading expert on School furniture and design, we are able to offer advice on how Schools can design their spaces and layout, whether this is in the classroom or in other areas (LRC/Library, breakout, sixth Form) and select furniture that not only helps to enhance the learning environment but can also have a positive impact on both student wellbeing & development and overall behaviour and attitudes.

National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER)

Guidance for primary education professionals on what makes good assessment and how it can support the virtuous circle of teaching, learning and assessment.


In addition to offering free trials on all of our award-winning software solutions, NetSupport is also pleased to offer advice on school digital strategy, IT management and the broader delivery of digital technology across a MAT. We can help you identify the steps and questions your school needs to consider when making decisions, so you can be sure that you are investing in the right technology, for the right people, at the right time and with the right impact. We can also advise you on how to measure the impact of any new edtech purchases for evidential purposes.

NM Education Consultancy

I have vast experience as a headteacher (primary and secondary), school lead inspector with Ofsted, School Improvement Partner and leadership coach. I work with schools as an improvement adviser.
I offer support with strategic and forward thinking to curriculum planning, ensuring that the curriculum is based on individual needs and suitably sequenced so that new knowledge builds upon prior knowledge.
I offer support to teachers in evaluating the impact of the curriculum and coaching, training and development for senior and middle leaders.
My development programme will help leaders fully understand their roles and responsibilities within the structure of the school

Platform 365 Ltd

We are pleased to offer a free review and follow-up 'findings and recommendations meeting' with an appropriate member of your school team on any of the following:

Google or Microsoft account setup and structure (including enabled security and functionality options)
Wi-Fi coverage and security
Server & Backup condition and security

The review will identify and reassure you of areas of best practice already in place and highlight any areas for improvement in your existing solution, with recommended actions.

Pobble Logo

Pobble Education Ltd

Over the last 10 years, Pobble has worked closely with schools to identify the key elements that drive pupil engagement and attainment in writing. Our writing platform has now developed into a solution used by tens of thousands of teachers around the world to accelerate writing progress. Pobble provides everything schools need to teach, improve, and assess writing. Teachers can find and build inspiring lessons, engage their pupils with tools to write, edit and publish their work, then easily moderate writing judgements online. The best solution for schools that have identified writing as an area of focus and those looking to raise writing attainment.

Real Training

Real Training provides high quality specialist training to educators all over the world. Our fully online courses are supportively delivered by fully qualified and experienced professionals and are quality-assured by Middlesex University. We can provide expert advice and guidance on professional development for all your schools staff members. Our offering includes UK and international SENCO qualifications, leadership courses, courses in educational testing and access arrangements and qualifications in a variety of SEND topics. With a range of start dates and bespoke solutions available, we can tailor a professional development programme to suit your requirements. Contact us to discuss professional development provision for your school.

Red Monkey Play Ltd

We will provide specialist advice in outdoor learning and play in Early Years & Primary education. As a leading UK manufacturer and designer of outdoor play we have expertise in designing outdoor learning areas that positively impact learning & development, we can help develop your pupils, provide advice in the best equipment currently available and ensure you receive value for money and maximise your budget.


A global leader in assessment, reading and maths solutions for primary and secondary schools and trusts, Renaissance is committed to accelerating learning for all, helping students to build a strong foundation for success. Our solutions are used in over 7,000 schools across the UK and Ireland, and support learning wherever it happens. Research-proven best practices inform our approach to implementation and training, whilst Focus Skills from computer-adaptive Star assessments help address learning gaps. Together with the Education Policy Institute, we are undertaking research for the Department of Education on the impact of time lost to teaching during the pandemic.


Robotical can offer specialist advice and expertise to schools in the following areas:
- Making STEM more accessible to young learners, inspiring both boys and girls to get involved (tackling the gender divide).
- Increasing teachers' confidence when it comes to teaching STEM subjects, specifically introduction to robotics and coding with children as young as five. - Future proofing jobs with an introduction to evolving and increasingly important digital, tech and IA sectors.


Designed to be taken by primary school headteachers, literacy coordinators or reading managers, the Scholastic Reading Audit looks at every type of instructional reading type as well as assessment, reading for pleasure, library usage, home-school links and book events. By completing this audit, schools will receive: a pedagogic development report which includes a summary of research for each reading type and a report into your teaching of reading, highlighting where you are performing well, and suggesting areas of improvement You will also receive a free model reading policy developed by two reading experts and if you satisfy the requirements, a Scholastic Reading Charter certificate.


Our School Leadership Support team has a wealth of expertise in helping schools and Multi Academy Trusts make effective use of their IT systems to turn data into useful information to assist in the planning of interventions and the associated strategies required to support pupils with their learning. In your hour of consultancy, one of our School Leadership Support Partners will explore your challenges in relation to key areas such as monitoring and reporting of academic progress, social behaviour and attitudes and will give you pointers to help you gain a more accurate picture of where support is most needed.


Ensuring learners have access to a high quality of education is vitally important, and now schools are faced with a Catch-up Challenge, the implementation and impact of this learning holds even more importance. During these sessions, former educator Mark Hartwright will support you to enhance your lessons with active learning tools, assessments and a range of engaging activities. Using software that integrates with your schools existing platform and utilises existing content, you will not only save on preparation time but ensure the delivery of high-quality education that is demanded by this challenge.

Sonar Curriculum

Here at Sonar Curriculum, we support primary schools with the design of a coherent, sequential curriculum. Our digital platform provides clarity around intent and flexibility around implementation, allowing schools to create a bespoke, context-specific model that meets the needs of their setting. We have years of experience and expertise to draw on and can support all stakeholders with curriculum design and delivery, from NQTs and teachers, to subject leaders and senior leaders. Every subject in the NC has been sequenced and standardised, to ensure cumulative fluency across all areas and to prepare schools for external moderation.


Sparkjar are experts in teaching and learning platforms, specifically within one-to-one device environments. We focus on ways in which teachers can save time, reduce stress, and be more effective. We would be happy to provide a free 1 hour consultation to advise schools on their digital device strategy to support catch up and reduce the impact of future lockdowns, snow days etc.

Strictly Education

Strictly Education can support your school or academy trust with education-specific consultancy, advice and guidance across all aspects of HR, staff wellbeing and school governance. Our early intervention approach to HR helps minimise risks and stop problems escalating. As well as offering consultancy on managing staff wellbeing and mental health, our support spans HR planning, conduct and discipline, performance management, absence management, organisational design and restructuring, appointment of staff, conditions of employment and grievances. For school governance we are offering free access to our webinar on The governance of the Quality of Education as we emerge from the pandemic.


During this period of curriculum recovery, schools are looking for ways to prioritise learning to help children catch up this term. Sumdog specialists would be able to advise teachers on how best to address this for mathematics, supporting Ofsteds criteria for Quality of Education. Sumdog will showcase to schools how using the platform can quickly pinpoint gaps in understanding and then address any misconceptions with additional practice in those key areas.


Our advice will centre around three areas: 1. Phonics assessment - how using our Letters and Sounds Booklet will identify knowledge gaps in an easy to administer and low cost way. 2. KS1 Maths skills assessment - how our Maths Learning Records can be used (by any adult, not just teachers) to gauge current maths skills and identify those who are falling behind 3. Attendance Management - how using a combination of different attendance rewards can boost attendance in your setting by providing pupils with extrinsic motivation to attend.

Support Services for Education

Our SSE Governance, SSE Outdoors and Data Protection Services will be able to provide an hours consultation on their services. This applies to customers that are not currently purchasing these services, the SSE Governance and Data Protection Services are available nationwide but the SSE Outdoors Service is limited to those who would be able to travel to Somerset for Residential activities.

Tassomai target icon


In conjunction with Tassomai's free trial for schools not already using the product, or for existing users, Tassomai's founder, Murray Morrison, will work with school staff in one-to-one sessions to show how Tassomai's rich datasets can be deployed to support better implementation, boost retrieval practice performance in students and accelerate intervention and curriculum planning for staff.
Sessions can look at how:
- Class engagement data can be used to support implementation
- Student usage data can support embedding rewards systems
- Detailed assessment data can be used to support predicted grading, TAGs, tuition intervention plans
- Tassomai's research and evidence can support decision-making

TechEd Marketing

We are a specialist publisher, conference organiser and consultancy focused on edtech and assistive technology solutions that help students with neuro differences and mental health issues to reach their full potential; in schools, colleges and universities. As well as our own solutions, we have a close network of reputable and proven services providers within this field that we can draw upon to give advice. We would be delighted to offer schools with free advice on products and services they should consider for their students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADD/ ADHD, aspergers, autism, poor mental health and other issues that affect cognition, reading, writing and memory.

White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths can offer specialist advice and support for schools with regards to mathematics curriculum, resources and teaching and learning.

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