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Scribeasy is a story writing platform with an inspiring audio-picture method that keeps children of all ages and abilities switched on and exploring vocabulary. By combining smart technology, an easy to use design and the flexibility of storytelling, Scribeasy supercharges any topic that needs writing.

The platform has an easy to use interface and is a method that’s engaging, flexible and accessible for independent learners or coaching a class remotely.

The time-saving teacher reporting tools work for one to one student work and group progress. Students can be set up in minutes and writing stories, even creating bespoke lesson plans such as for the book they have read at school.

Features and benefits include: 

  • A configurable audio-picture-making method for any topic (teacher and students can create lessons)
  • SEN/ Dyslexia friendly writing screen
  • Ready to go creative-writing inspiration
  • A picture library with 1000s of characters, settings and objects
  • An interactive thesaurus and tools that track development (student and the group)
  • Spelling and emotions tools, story play-back
  • Teacher/ student story messaging, editing and annotation features 
  • ‘My Stats’ delivering data insights (for writer and the group)
  • Secure, safe and tested platform
  • Chat help in the platform, request one to one support – [email protected]
  • Monthly or yearly plan, one-month free trial, cancel at any time during the trial
£30.00 per class

Pay as you go monthly Teachers free + £1-2 per student

Yearly Teachers free + £10- £5 per student

Trial Options
1 month

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