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DoodleMaths is a programme designed to build maths confidence in children.


DoodleMaths is a programme designed to build maths confidence in children with a programme tailored to their strengths and weaknesses.

Using our Proxima algorithm, DoodleMaths identifies the narrow band between what a learner can do with help and what they can do without help (the Zone of Proximal Development), and creates a daily-practice work programme based around it.

By doing just ten minutes a day of DoodleMaths, children can fill gaps in their knowledge and continually progress in maths.

£6 per pupil
Trial Options
14 days

A two-week, full access trial for children, teachers and parents


Everyone who is interested in DoodleMaths or DoodleEnglish will be given a free, fully-supported two week trial!

A trial takes two weeks, and can be with a few students, a class, or even your whole school.

With the help of a dedicated account manager who has first-hand classroom experience, we’ll support your school in getting the full potential out of our learning programmes.


What does a Doodle trial look like?

 No cost

Teachers, pupils and parents will have unrestricted access to DoodleMaths and/or DoodleEnglish for two weeks at no cost.


 Your own dedicated account manager

You’ll work with your own account manager who will set up and guide you through the trial, including a training webinar at your convenience.


 Set your own objectives

Before your trial begins, we believe it’s important to understand what you want to achieve; so together we’ll set your success criteria.


 Educational Expertise

Our account managers have first-hand classroom experience and understand the day-to-day challenges faced by teachers. They are also able to provide extensive assistance to your technical support, whether school-based or contracted. This can range from how to download apps across the school, to handling firewalls and dealing with old devices.


 Post Trial Impact Report

Following your trial, your account manager will provide you with a detailed impact report with analysis of pupil performance in terms of time spent, topics covered, areas of strength and weakness and initial indications of progress.


Take advantage of our 2-week, no commitment fully-supported trial!

Using DoodleMaths for homework and in class

Case Study

Tewkesbury have been using DoodleMaths for three years, with 350 students across 14 classes. We talk to Jehanzeb Naivd, Business and ICT Manager…

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