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Electronics Principles Mobile Interactive

STEM: eLearning Electronics Mechanics Maths Computing Resources Online with Interactive Content

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Students have access to nearly a thousand non-active topics online with full colour images, calculations and text for free.

Teachers can evaluate the extensive content of eptsoft digital products immediately in any web browser without logging in.

Student or Teachers can enable the full Interactive Content for a 99p monthly subscription which allows them to insert their own values from any standard textbook where the full colour graphics are redrawn to reflect those changes. All calculations are designed around standard formulae and can be selected as inputs enabling the students to check their own work.

£0.99 per licence
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7 days

This product is stand-alone and also free available eTextbook for students and teachers to use from eptsoft online. It is complete and comprehensive showing subject groups as chapters with topics as individual pages.

Hundreds of full colour images, descriptive text and calculations can be individually selected for a complete study or clicked through as an additional online revision resource on a phone, tablet or PC browser.


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