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eMathsMaster Primary School Teacher Edition


For all primary school teachers wanting to deliver better maths lessons

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eMathsMaster Primary Teacher Edition
eMathsMaster Primary Teacher Edition is a complete learning management system for non-Maths teachers wanting to learn the skills required to deliver high quality Maths lessons at Primary school for all stages of Key Stage 2, with Key Stage 3 tuition for advanced pupils ready to further their knowledge and skills.
A good non-Maths teacher can confidently deliver high quality lessons as soon as they have demonstrated mastery of topics or modules. eMathsMaster is available 24/7 on all devices.

What can you expect from eMathsMaster Primary Teacher Edition

  • Covers the full UK National Curriculum for all levels of Key Stage 2 & some Key Stage 3 for advanced pupils
  • 109 modules covering every element of Maths taught at Primary School
  • Contains 218 professionally narrated, animated lessons & teacher training films
  • Over 300 competency-based assessments
  • Provides supervisory progress reports for teachers managing class/pupils
  • Supervisory progress reports for teacher’s line manager
  • Fully customisable Learning Management System allowing teachers to create their own teaching courses, sessions, assessments & homework assignments for use in class
  • Full support for both pedagogical and technical queries
  • Up to 300 Primary Pupil Edition licences included.

A detailed training programme

The eMathsMaster teaching platform is an intuitive and intelligent Maths training programme delivered by USP’s reliable and fast software system.

eMathsMaster covers every aspect of the Primary School Maths curriculum, spread over 108 modules, presented in bite size modules for fast learning outcomes. The system is designed so that users can only progress once they have mastered the previous module. This ensures subject mastery is quickly attained and delivers real-world Shanghai Maths mastery.

Each module is broken down into and includes:

  1. The Lesson
  2. The Maths Questions
  3. Teaching Techniques

Invite pupils to the system to learn, revise, and complete homework assessments

Invite your class onto the programme to:

  • engage pupils & make Maths fun
  • Increase confidence in class
  • Help pupils understand, learn & revise
  • Increase learning outcomes
  • Gain access to their individual progress & results to show where assistance is required in a very targeted manner


  • Non-Maths specialists develop knowledge, confidence and competence in teaching Maths
  • Workload reduction – less planning and marking
  • Less stress and reduced risk of burn out
  • Access to a variety of teaching and learning methods, and common misconceptions
  • Maths lessons become easier to deliver
  • Flexible access to training. No need for days off school or evening classes.
  • Pupil interest and engagement improves as pupils realise gains in learning
  • Job satisfaction increases as impact is realised through pupil enjoyment, progress and achievement

Teachers already using eMathsMaster have been confidently delivering high quality lessons because they have demonstrated Maths mastery.

£ one-off cost

eMathsMaster Primary School Teacher Edition is priced at £295 per annum for a single teacher.

A whole primary school, usually 220 students in size will typically cost £1795 a year for all students and all teacher access.

Trial Options
14 days

14 day trial offered per teacher. Full on site demonstrations available.

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