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eMathsMaster Teacher Edition Maths Key Stage 2 to GCSE grade 9


The complete online programme for non-maths teachers wanting to deliver great maths lessons

Age Range

eMathsMaster creates maths teaching capacity in schools, reduces pressure on teacher workloads, reduces teacher stress for maths teachers and non-maths teachers alike, improves student results and delivers an impressive return on investment for over pressured school budgets by reducing recruitment and staff costs dramatically.

eMathsMaster Teacher Edition GCSE is the complete learning management system for non-Maths teachers wanting to learn the skills required to deliver high quality Maths lessons Key Stage 2 up to Grade 9 GCSE level.
A good non-Maths teacher can confidently deliver high quality lessons as soon as they have demonstrated mastery of topics or modules. eMathsMaster is available 24/7 on all devices.

What can you expect from eMathsMaster Teacher Edition GCSE?

  • Covers the full UK National Curriculum from Key Stage 2 up to GCSE, level 9
  • Covers the 12 steps of Maths through 380 modules containing 760 professionally narrated, animated Lesson and teacher training films. Teaching Techniques films address the common misconceptions pupils have, deeper thinking and extension topics.
  • Over 2,500 competency-based assessments
  • Provides supervisory progress reports for teachers managing class/pupils
  • Supervisory progress reports for teacher’s line manager
  • It is also suitable for iGCSE
  • Fully customisable Leaning Management System allowing teachers to create their own teaching courses, sessions, assessments & homework assignments for use in class
  • Full support for both pedagogical and technical queries
  • Used by all football clubs working with The Premier League
£ one-off cost

eMathsMaster Teacher Edition costs £795 per annum for one teacher plus 50 pupils licences

eMathsMaster Teacher Edition LTE costs £500 per annum  for one teacher with NO pupil licence

eMathsMaster is also available in the School Edition version, which includes all teachers and all students. eMathsMaster School Edition is priced per school/ multi academy trust

Student prices can be as low as £5 a student for a multi academy trust engaging across multiple schools. Generally students prices are £15.90 per annum.


Trial Options
14 days

The initial teacher trial is for 14 days. Admin trials and full system demos are also available. Whole school trials are also available upon request and discussion of circumstances.

QWhat is eMathsMaster?
AeMathsMaster is a Maths Teacher Training software. It contains over 1,000 animated lessons and teacher training films and in excess of 2,500 competency-based assessments covering the full UK National Curriculum from Key Stage 2 up to GCSE, level 9. It is also suitable for iGCSE. The 12 steps cover all 6 topics of Maths: Numbers, Probability, Geometry & Measures, Algebra, Statistics and Ratio, Proportion & Rates of Change.
QIs eMathsMaster accessible to people with hearing/sight impairments?
AYes, all eMathsMaster videos are professionally narrated with English subtitles, which allows for accessibility for people with hearing / sight impairments. We are constantly striving to improve our system to ensure it’s fully accessible for everyone.
QHow long is the Free Trial period?
AThe Free Trial is a Trainee Trial period for 14 days. If you would like to access an Administration Trial, please call eMathsMaster on 020 7495 2100.
QWhat curriculum does eMathsMaster follow?
AeMathsMaster follows the latest UK curriculum from Key Stage 2 up to the new GCSE, level 9, as taught by the Dean Trust Academy. Suitable for Primary and Secondary Schools. If you prefer to study the K12 curriculum, please visit our US website .
QWhat age is eMathsMaster suitable for?
AeMathsMaster is suitable for teachers of pupils from Key Stage 2 up to GCSE, available for all ages. The eMathsMaster Pupil Edition GCSE is aimed at pupils from 12 to 16 years but not limited to those ages as it is used extensively in the Further Education market
QHow can I get in touch with eMathsMaster?
AIf you have any questions not covered here, or would like to discuss how eMathsMaster can benefit you call us on 020 7495 2100 or email . Alternatively contact us through the support button on our website

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