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In-depth subject knowledge, 20+ subjects, exam-filtered, trusted to impact results.

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Our engaging format and the key exam content in our Pods makes it easy to learn, understand and – most importantly – to recall. For teachers, we can help you to be better prepared, to speed up your planning and marking, to assess student progress and focus intervention where needed. Set out clearly, our content even makes it easier to teach outside of your specialism giving you the confidence you are imparting exam specific subject knowledge in an engaging way, a way that is second nature to our digital natives

All of this for the price of just one revision guide!

Schools who use GCSEPod throughout the year see an even higher impact on results than those who only use it at revision time. Students have needed little persuasion to buy into GCSEPod thanks to the punchy, visually appealing and easily digestible way information is presented. Homework with instant feedback can be set based on targeted areas. Content for a given exam can also be downloaded to individual devices as a playlist, making it easier and more efficient to prepare.

We currently cover 20 subjects across the curriculum, all carefully mapped to the main exam specifications. We even provide ready-made revision playlists for upcoming exams, all available at the touch of a button. We publish up to 30 new Pods every single week and are committed to an ongoing and proactive publishing programme in response to specification and technology changes. To see the range of Pods we currently have and what we are working on please visit our publishing guides on our website.

Once subscribed to GCSEPod, you will work closely with an experienced member of our Subscriptions Team and receive a ready-made digital and physical launch pack. We know that there is no end to the number of ways GCSEPod can be used – but there is a limit to your time. That’s why we will help you pinpoint exactly where you want the impact to be. Afterwards, we can provide suggestions, resources and tailored guidance on how to reach that goal. We’re with you for the whole of your subscription and will ensure GCSEPod continues to support the ever-changing needs of your teachers and students.

We have clear evidence of impact upon results.

£10.50 per pupil


GCSEPod is not just for schools, subscriptions are available for individuals, including mature students, home educators, or parents who just want to give their child a helping hand at this crucial time. Data shows students using GCSEPod can achieve 1 additional grade higher in each subject. From just £200 for an annual subscription, achieve more with GCSEPod.

We offer real value for money with no hidden or additional charges. We offer 1 to 5 year subscriptions: the longer the subscription, the greater the value of our PiXL Partner, Loyalty and ASCL Premier Partner discounts. ADD IN (After discounts the average subscription price is around £9.20 per student) Prices are based on students enrolled in KS4 but every student aged 11 years and above can have access.


Trial Options
7 days

Streaming access to 5 student and 5 teacher accounts for 7 days

Followed by a no obligation demonstration and teacher walkthrough

Building confidence in exams with GCSEPod

Case Study

St Paul’s Catholic School subscribed to GCSEPod late in 2017 and rolled out the resource immediately to its Year 11 students.

GCSEPod customer Service

Case Study

One of our top subscribing schools wrote a letter detailing his experience with GCSEPod’s customer service. Here’s what he wrote:


Case Study

We are a small international secondary school keen to add more interactive learning opportunities, especially at home.

"Students love GCSEPod because it enables them to take control of their learning. Students who use it have increased confidence and a superior knowledge to those who haven't." Sarah Eggleton, Stretford High School
Sarah Eggleton, Stretford High School
"We’ve had access to a number of learning platforms and content providers over the years but we’ve never had one quite like GCSEPod. What sets GCSEPod apart from their competitors is the simplicity of the premise, quality of production and above all the outstanding customer support. In a world of s
Peter Myers, Head of IT and Data Security, Poole High School
"GCSEPod has had a transformational impact on the revision of my students. They seem much happier and confident around the academy."
Andrew Mackereth, Parker E-Act Academy
"GCSEPod helps knowledge retention and means students are going into exams more confident."
James Gosden, Deputy Head, Castle Manor Academy
“GCSEPod’s innovative approach and the regular updating of the Pods to support the increasingly difficult exams has provided students with the necessary knowledge and reassurance. GCSEPod sits high amongst initiative that made a difference this year.”
Phil Henderson, Assistant Principal Dawlish College

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