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Emile Education. Best Primary School Resources Provider.

Learn With Emile

Cyber Coach Smart or Emile

Resources helping teachers reduce workload and increase teaching impact.

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Learn, play and grow with Emile!

Emile Education provides the best teaching resources and apps for primary and secondary schools, covering topics including Times Tables, Fractions, Addition, Grammar, Spelling, and many more.

With Emile, we guarantee to bring real impact on teaching, and reduce workload for teachers at the same time: Emile’s advanced “Assessment – Activity” method helps teachers easily assess the current academical level of the entire class accurately, and the system will automatically select the most appropriate games at the right level for pupils to practice and improve. Meanwhile teachers can easily set up assignments, and track students’ performance in one click.

All the questions from Emile’s games are developed closely aligned to the KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum, which makes Emile a great tool for pupils to practice what they have learned. You can use Emile as a in-class activity to strengthen knowledge, or as an accurate assessment tool to spot any weakness and solve it.

The unique in-game virtual pet system allows pupils to feed, play, and grow together with their own Emile. Looking after their virtual pet can help children grow a sense of responsibility, and encourages them to access the resource regularly and to answer questions correct so they can earn treats for their pet.

£75 per licence

Our (paid for) resources presently include:

  1. Spelling
  2. Grammar
  3. Times tables (and division)
  4. Addition (and subtraction)
  5. Fractions (includes percentages and decimals)
  6. Place Value
  7. Geometry
  8. Measurement
  9. Statistics
Number of resources Annual cost without Discount (+VAT) Discount for simultaneous purchases Annual cost (+VAT)
1 £    75.00 0% £    75.00
2 £  150.00 5% £  142.50
3 £  225.00 10% £  202.50
4 £  300.00 15% £  255.00
5 £  375.00 20% £  300.00
6 £  450.00 25% £  337.50
7 £  525.00 30% £  367.50
8 £  600.00 35% £  390.00
9 £  675.00 40% £  405.00
Trial Options
1 month

Try Emile’s KS1/KS2 resources designed based on the NC. Watch your pupils learn, play and grow with Emile’s Assess-Practice System.

What you can get with our One-Month-Long trial:

✔️ Full access to Emile’s numeracy and literacy resources

✔️ FREE cuddly Emile toy to keep!

✔️ FREE Roman Numerals and Multiplication Tables Check apps

✔️ Discount on purchase after finishing a few challenges

✔️ 1 minute registration: Your name, your school, and you are ready to go

Independent Case Study by Manchester Metropolitan University

Case Study

Extracts from a independent study by Ms Sarah Lister and Pauline Palmer on the effects of Emile Maths Games.

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