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Little Bridge

The best way for children aged 6-12 to learn English

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With high production values and real academic credentials, Little Bridge is a playful and comprehensive resource for young learners of English (400+ varied and stimulating activities) who have an urgent requirement to develop language fluency and literacy skills. With the emphasis on fun, our program engages young digital natives and their families through challenging games-based interactivity and adaptive learning – with proven results. Indeed, Little Bridge offers high quality pedagogical content and covers all the key skills, guiding each user, step by step on a personal pathway to measurable success.

Children not only develop listening, writing, reading and speaking competencies, they connect with their peers at home and around the globe (in over 100 countries) and become citizens in a unique, moderated community. Indeed, we believe that the best way to learn and improve your English is to use it!

Little Bridge is at the forefront of the world of learning today and has a very broad application, providing effective learning to a wide audience. With its inclusive representation of ethnicities and its disability-awareness, it is used in many classrooms, but also in a number of successful out-of-hours clubs, Refugee and Family Literacy projects, thereby making a significant contribution to the current challenges of social cohesion and integration.

£800 per annum

Basic Account: FREE (up to 20 students)

Premium Account: £800 per year per school (unlimited students)

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12 months

Basic Account: FREE (up to 20 students)



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