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Marty the Robot V2


Make Learning Come Alive

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Marty the Robot V2 – The walking, dancing, coding companion!

The New Marty V2 makes learning about robotics and coding fun and engaging. Build your Marty, program in languages from simple blocks in Scratch to Python and beyond, learn about sensors, and expand your robot. We’ve got tutorials and lesson plans (all tied to the national curriculum) for all skill levels freely accessible with a trial or purchase of our robots.

  • Unique Movements:
    Walking, Dancing, Turning, Kicking. Marty’s unique leg design makes a swagger like no other Robot
  • Interactive sensors:
    With an array of sensors including position, tilt, proximity & force, and a built in speaker, Marty can talk and play sounds, feel, and even shake hands
  • Coding for all abilities:
    Program Marty with Scratch, Python, Javascript, and even up to professional level with a Raspberry Pi and the ROS Robot Operating System- with a camera your Marty could play football autonomously!
  • Expandand & Customise:
    Marty likes learning new things. Add extra sensors (temperature, noise, light and more), a camera, disco LEDs, grabbing hands, a Raspberry Pi computer, or 3D print your own custom parts!
  • And so much more!
£1675 per class
Our pricing is as follows and every set of 5 robots comes with:1 multi-port battery charger (with 5 slots), 5 spare Batteries, 1 Distance Sensor, 5 Colour Sensors, Printed Educators Guide & free access to our online lesson packs, Coloured Coding Cards for Screen Free coding

Free support and training via video calls & a 2 year warranty:

  • 5 robots (Code Club): £1,675 exc VAT
  • 10 robots (Small Class): £2,999 exc VAT
  • 15 robots (Standard Class): £4,250 exc VAT
  • 30 robots (1:1 Classpack) £7,699 exc VAT
  • 50 robots (Whole School Pack): £12,299 exc VAT
  • 50+ robots: contact for bespoke discounted pricing on large orders
Trial Options
14 days

The company behind Marty the Robot (Robotical) is on a mission to breathe new life into learning, opening eyes and opening minds. Learning comes alive with Marty – a walking, sensing, dancing, eyebrow-wiggling robot programmable in Scratch and real programming languages like Python. The team at Robotical understands that sourcing new tech for schools can be a risky process, so they’ve removed the risk entirely for every evaluation of Marty the Robot by offering free 2 week trials. They even cover all shipping/collection costs and provide free virtual training for teachers which is particularly useful for those who aren’t that comfortable with coding and robotics yet!

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