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MEL Academy

A free webinar service for kids ages 5-16, guided by professional science teachers

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As supporting home education is our primary mission in these difficult times, we’re launching online classes with hands-on experiments and VR lessons!
Kids will:
conduct fun and safe experiments, which can easily be carried out in a kitchen with basic ingredients, and receive detailed explanations of the fundamental scientific concepts, aligned to curriculum standards;
gain a new understanding of chemistry with free VR lessons that shrink them down to the size of an atom;
get answers to their questions online and connect with like-minded young scientists from all over the world.
The experiments can easily be carried out in a kitchen with basic ingredients.
MEL Academy is open to all MEL Science subscribers. Non-subscribers are free to join too – even without a MEL Chemistry set in front of you, you can learn a lot by observation.
Bring science home with MEL Academy!
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Three months free content.

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