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Persona Life Skills

Online social-emotional learning for student wellbeing and employability

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Persona Life Skills is an online personality insights based approach to social-emotional learning for secondary students age 13-19.

The platform helps to boost student wellbeing and employability by developing life skills such as resilience, problem solving and communication skills. The content complements existing school RSE, PSHE and life skills curricula. Using an engaging learning metaphor of exploring islands representing different life challenges, the pedagogy is rooted in behavioural science research.

It can be used in the classroom, in blended learning or in remote learning.

What makes Persona Life Skills unique is the personality insights framework at its heart, guiding students to adapt to life challenges, build more productive relationships, make more informed decisions, and achieve positive outcomes.

The curriculum covers 22 social-emotional skills that map to Ofsted, Independent Schools Inspectorate, IB Learner Profile, GL PASS, Gatsby, Skills Builder, VIA Character and other benchmarks.

There is built-in teacher onboarding, in-app reference resources and real-time guidance in the teaching modules, so any teacher can easily get started and facilitate the learning. And there’s no marking – students receive instant feedback on activities, and their input is saved as they go along.

Teachers can track student activity in real time, and students self-report learning outcomes at the end of each module, with progress shown in a dashboard, at whole school, cohort, group and individual levels.

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£1500 per annum

Start with a free teacher account, then add as many free student accounts as you like (min. age 13), create groups and invite other teachers.

A free account includes all the ‘My Guided Tour’ life skill modules, three ‘Must See Island’ personality insights modules, and three ‘Discovery Island’ life challenge modules.

Upgrade to a paid subscription for full access to all available modules. Prices are based on number of student accounts, from £5 to £15 per student per year. Teacher and Admin accounts are free. The minimum annual subscription of 100 students costs £1,500.

Discounts are available for 2 or 3 year contracts and/or >2,000 students.

Trial Options
Free forever

Get started with a free account

Start with a free teacher account, then add as many free student accounts as you like (min. age 13), create groups and invite other teachers.

Your free account includes all our My Guided Tour life skill modules, three Must See Island personality insights modules, and three Discovery Island life challenge modules.

Upgrade to a paid subscription for full access to all available modules. Use the calculator at to see your annual subscription price based on number of students.

QCan we try Persona Life Skills before subscribing?
AYes. You can register for a free Persona Life Skills teacher account to use with any number of students (age 13-19). Please register at
QWhat is the subscription cost?
APlease use the online calculator at
QWhat is the subscription period?
AA free account can be used for any length of time. A paid subscription is active from the subscription date until 31-Aug in the final year of the subscription, when it will be renewed, unless updated or reverted to a free account. One year subscriptions started after 31-May are active until 31-Aug the following year, at no extra cost.
QHow can we be sure our students’ personal information is secure?
APersona is fully GDPR compliant. All data we hold are encrypted and stored on the Google Cloud Platform. We are registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). All our employees and our Data Processor partners are DBS checked. For more details please see our Privacy Policy:
QCan we download Persona Life Skills from an app store?
ANo. Persona Life Skills is a web app and is only accessible through an Internet browser. It is optimised for use on desktop PCs, laptops, Chromebook, Surface and tablets.
QIs any teacher training required to deliver Persona Life Skills?
ANo. The platform has built-in onboarding and pedagogical guidance to enable any teacher to facilitate the learning without any need for additional training. We can provide further teacher guidance on request.

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