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A vast online library of knowledge. In-depth expert-verified coverage of a wide range of subjects

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Often described as a “Children’s Wikipedia”, is an online treasure trove of information about a wide range of subjects, designed for children of all ages and reading abilities. Everything is clearly explained; the text is broken up into digestible chunks; there are abundant images and plenty of “wow” facts.

The Q-files website was created—and is regularly updated—by us, experienced book publishers, along with our team of specialist writers, editors and academic consultants. It’s independently certified as safe for children to use, it’s ad-free and has no external links.

With around 2000 pages, 1.5 million words and tens of thousands of images, Q-files has all the school subjects—history, science, geography etc.—and plenty more besides: dinosaurs, space, castles, sports and so on. It comes with Read Aloud, Dictionary, Translate and Citation features.

Simple to use and navigate around, Q-files is ideal for students to discover and read up about almost any topic. Teachers can use it to set a wide range of homework and projects, including literacy exercises. All Q-files’ images and text are available for educational use, so the site can also be used for creating lesson plans. There is a set of quizzes on our companion site:
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£0.40 per pupil

A school subscription for one year is £100 or $125 for up to 250 learners,in your school or year group, plus £0.40 or $0.50 for each additional learner.

Trial Options
Until end July 2020

Q-files is offering unlimited access to the site for free until the end of July 2020 to support children learning from home. After end July 2020, we will be offering 30 day free trials.

QWill everyone in the school be able to use Q-files? And from home?
AYes. Once you have subscribed (or during your free trial period), every learner at your school will be able use Q-files, both in class or at home. All they need to do is enter the school’s email address and password (or the unique referral link, URL) when they log in.
QI handle subscriptions for a number of schools. What procedure should I follow?
APlease contact us and we will supply you with a quote by return.
QHow much will it cost to subscribe if I am a teacher or individual user?
AFor individuals or families who want to use Q-files at home or teachers who want to use Q-files in their class (including use by their students), a subscription is $54 or £42 per year.
QHow do I log in?
AOnce you have subscribed, you will have a username (your email address) and password. When you go to, click on the Log in button at the top. Enter your email address and password on the subscriber log in page and press Submit. This will take you to the Q-files home page.
QIs the password case sensitive?
AYes, both username (your email) and password are case sensitive.
QCan my school get a unique referral link (URL) to access Q-files without logging in with email and password?
AYes. If you require a URL for your school, please contact us at [email protected] and we will send one to you.
QDo I need to log out each time we have finished a session on Q-files?
AIf you or a learner are using a public computer i.e. one that someone else will be using afterwards, please log out by clicking on the button in the top right corner of any page in Q-files. If you are using your own private device, there is no need to log out between sessions.
QWhat age range of children is Q-files suitable for?
AQ-files is ideal for children aged 7-13. But we believe children younger than 7 will get a lot from the site too, which is highly illustrated and covers many hundreds of subjects of general interest. Students who are 14 or older may also find Q-files extremely useful, especially as an introduction to new subjects at school or as a glossary of unfamiliar terms.
QWhat subjects does Q-files cover?
AQ-files is a general encyclopedia. With around 2000 pages (and growing by the week), it covers an extremely wide range of topics under the following headings: Earth, Life, Science, Technology, Space, Geography, Culture, History and Prehistoric.
QDoes Q-files cover the school curriculum?
AQ-files is perfect for use in schools! The site is aligned with Key Stages 2 and 3 in the UK, grades 3 through 8 in the US and grades 5 through 10 in Australia and New Zealand.
QWho created Q-files? How can I be sure that the information in it is accurate and trustworthy?
AQ-files is the creation of Orpheus Book Ltd., one of the world’s leading producers of children’s non-fiction and reference books. All the pages in Q-files have been written by skilled specialist children’s authors and carefully verified by our expert team of academic consultants.
QHow often is Q-files updated?
AQ-files is updated weekly—often even more frequently—as new discoveries are made, new facts emerge or better examples become available. New pages and improvements to existing pages are added regularly. Our Q-news feature covers items in the news likely to be of special appeal to our young readers, and is updated each week.

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