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Create online quizzes and interactive learning packages from PowerPoint slides.

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QuizSlides enables educators to easily create interactive slide-show quizzes for formative or summative assessment. Self-learning packages can be produced by combining information slides and question slides.

QuizSlides quizzes and learning packages are initially created offline using PowerPoint or any similar tool, hence the creation process is really easy. This also makes it easy for teachers to collaborate, since they can share and edit each other’s quiz questions in the same way as with normal presentation slides.

QuizSlides is based on academic research. It supports a number of novel multiple-choice quiz formats including answer-until-correct “scratchcard” quizzes that are ideal for formative assessment, and “subset selection” quizzes which have been shown to reduce the occurrence of guesswork – thereby yielding more reliable test scores as compared with traditional multiple-choice tests.

£96 per annum

Unlimited quizzes and quiz takers per Quiz Creator account.

4 Quiz Creator accounts for the price of 3.

For an institutional license, please contact us.

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1 month

Create online quizzes and interactive learning packages from PowerPoint slides

Case Study

“We use QuizSlides for both formative and summative assessment, and also to provide students with bespoke interactive learning packages.”

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