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Beautiful technology for teachers

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Sparkjar classroom-to-remote app is leading the way in new generation 1:1 device technology. It’s fast, easy to use, saves teacher time, is extremely powerful and best of all… highly rated by teachers.

Born out of the gaming industry, Sparkjar’s unique Lightwave technology allows you to save time, even on poor wifi connections. Messages are sent instantaneously; files are loaded and cached before you need them, and users can work effectively offline.

£10 per annum

Costs are around £10 per pupil annually for full functionality.

Trial Options
1 month

Our trial includes a tried and tested plan for smooth staff engagement, training and implementation, using a trial group of teachers as selected by the school.

Sparkjar’s beautiful technology for teachers… in action

Case Study

Dunottar is a secondary school with over 400 students aged 11-18. Sparkjar was introduced over the course of 2018-9.

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