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Sparx Maths Homework

Personalised learning for KS3 and beyond

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What is Sparx Maths Homework?

Sparx Maths Homework automatically sets one hour of personalised homework for every student every week. Sparx develops a user profile for each student, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and sets challenging yet achievable homework. Over 7,100 video tutorials support 30,500 hand-written questions, encouraging independent learning.

Parents receive weekly progress emails containing a topical video helping them support their child’s learning. Homework completion rates have increased to over 95%, and disadvantaged students are progressing at the same rate as non-disadvantaged students. Sparx is saving teachers two hours per week per class.

We are still at the start of our journey to motivate and engage learners while enabling teachers with deep insights and we have big ambitions. We’re currently helping over 4,500 learners across England, with over 1.7 million questions answered correctly in 2018/19. Challenge, creativity and innovation are part of our culture and are values shared by the schools with which we work.

What is Sparx?

As a socially focussed learning technology company, Sparx has spent the last 8 years reimagining the way maths is taught and learnt in schools. Our aim is to improve numeracy, and therefore life opportunities, for over 5 million learners by 2030 (#Ed5M).

Our long-term collaboration and development work with schools, combined with the experience of our team, means we understand the challenges faced by school leaders, teachers and students and are passionate about helping.

The result is not an off-the-shelf software product – it is an approach to learning based on strategies that are founded in pedagogy and based on the world class maths content that sets us apart. Underpinned by our sophisticated, adaptive technology platform and high levels of support, Sparx not only delivers progress and increases attainment in maths, it is also the catalyst for transformational change in many of our schools.

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£5 per pupil

£5 per pupil per annum.

Multi-Academy Trust discounts available.

Trial Options
Other duration4 weeks

   A member of the Sparx team will arrange either a meeting or remote session to provide you with an overview of Sparx maths Homework and the approach to learning.

   You will receive access to our demo site for four weeks where you can assign 30 students and an unlimited number of teachers to the system.

   A full training session on how to use the site will be given in your initial meeting. A number of pre-set homework assignments will be available for you and your students to use. You will be able to explore the types of questions used, and data insights will be available for each user. You will have the ability to watch live progress against each students, be able to see how they answer questions and much more.


The power of Sparx in partnership with St James School

Case Study

“Being a head of a school with Sparx Maths Homework is excellent” – Amy Grashoff, Headteacher, St James School.

We want to go further, we want to be truly exceptional and we want to be cutting edge and what Sparx has provided us with is, I think, that ability to be cutting edge, to really go beyond outstanding and to actually be exceptional. One of the best projects we have ever taken on is Sparx.
Moira Marder, CEO at the Ted Wragg Trust
I like doing my Sparx homework because it’s better than all the other homeworks. It chooses the questions you get and how many you get depending on what you struggle with and what you’re good at.
Year 7 student at St James School
Sparx is the most consistent, high-quality and bespoke homework system we know of. Sparx engages students, enabling them to be successful and make real progress in their maths. There’s no way we’re going to go without Sparx homework here because we’ve seen the impact it has.
Tim Rutherford, Headteacher of West Exe
For the first time in 12 years I have the confidence to increase my part time teaching hours to (almost) full time. This is directly due to Sparx and the enormous time saving nature of this fantastic classroom and homework product.
Philippa Stevens, Maths Teacher at St James School
I am really impressed with the new Sparx maths platform, it feels like a great step up from the current maths software and more importantly my son is really engaged with it. It is SO great to see him feeling confident and enthusiastic about maths!
Parent at St Peters School

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