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Teaching Online Masterclass: A free course for educators about how to teach online

TOM is produced in partnership by ClickView, Makematic, Adobe, Participate, and iCivics

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Discover useful strategies for teaching online. Experienced educators, academics and industry professionals share their expertise and insights in 50 + bite-sized videos. If you’re looking for support with how to teach online or incorporate blended learning, the TOM course is for you.

The world-leading video content resource for primary schools, secondary schools and further education settings, ClickView, has partnered with Makematic, Adobe and iCivics, to name a few of the EdTech companies involved, to launch a new online masterclass series, TOM.

TOM is a free online professional development resource for teachers making the leap into online learning. The move to remote and blended learning has been accelerated worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. This engaging, self-paced video series provides teachers grappling with change, practical approaches, and strategies for online teaching.

The ‘new normal’ is likely to include a more blended approach to teaching and learning at all levels; with ongoing uncertainty around local lockdowns and the evident need for education to play catch up with the digital world of today. Teaching online is about more than just the technology. Of course, it is important to know your Teams from Zooms from your Google Classrooms, but the way lessons are planned, classrooms are managed and engaging with students is different online too.

Created for educators by educators, discover useful strategies for online learning and hear from experienced teachers, academics and industry professionals who share their expertise and insights in more than 50 bite sized videos, which focus on pedagogy. TOM aims to equip educators with the confidence and skills they need to teach successfully online, including practical, actionable strategies that can be implemented straight away.

The Masterclass series itself is organised into six categories: 

1.Online is different: Looks at the key differences between teaching online and in a face-to-faceenvironment, with plenty of tips and tools for successful online teaching.

2.Designing online learning experiences: Explores the elements of effective and inclusiveonline learning, how to prepare students and how best to approach feedback and assessment.

3.Pedagogical strategies: Looks at cognitive, behavioural, emotional and social pedagogy tips,strategies, and activities for reimagining classes online.

4.Technology as a tool: Advice for choosing the right technology, multimedia, and onlineeducation resources, how to facilitate live classes and also make instructional videos.

5.Community building: Explores how to develop a community of practice and professionallearning network, plus ways to facilitate partnerships with parents and caregivers.

6.Digital well-being: Looks at the best ways for educators and students to find balance whenusing technology more often.

The online masterclass contributors are from different parts of the world, meaning unique content with multicultural perspectives, which provides insights into how countries abroad have approached online learning. 

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