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The world’s largest curated digital library of educational resources

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Wizeup brings the online best educational matched content to learners and their teachers, matched to a specific curriculum, reading-age and need. It is a highly visual and engaging learning tool that improves learning outcomes.

The online tool shows curated content (both video and text) aligned to the CBSE curriculum requirements across subjects (includes – science, maths and English) and their respective sub topics. The platform shows five of the best fit results from across a global curated collection. It is also possible to add proprietary content, such as Encyclopaedia Britannica.

When surfing in Wizeup: 

  • Learners and teachers pick subjects and topics to explore and find answers that are relevant, readable and reliable, matched to the level of the CBSE curriculum.
  • Results have been grouped and approved by Indian teachers with a mix of content, videos and images, all filtered to reading level.

Students use Wizeup as a topic wise online digital education library to support their learning and inculcate a spirit of research and better conceptual understanding across curriculum.

Teachers use Wizeup (videos and text) for quick and accurate lesson preparation, for recommended pre class or post class reading material for their students and personalised recommendation to students based on student’s understanding matched to content reading level. 

Additionally, users can browse the educational collection by just typing in a query to further explore and self learn.

Wizeup can be integrated into your school Learning Management System (LMS). This will enable easy access to students and teachers. 

£1.00 per pupil

£ 1 – Per user/year 

£ 500 – Per school/year (up to a max of 700 students)


Trial Options
1 month

Once you make your trail account you will have access to the CBSE curriculum and grades 6 to 8, across maths and science. All content has been matched to the CBSE curriculum your trial account will last for 30 days.

Wizenoze brings the best digital educational content to learners at Onlineklas

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Plantyn is convinced that learners need help to find the right and relevant information for their schoolwork. Wizenoze is the preferred search engine

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Wizeup empowers students with research and further learning by removing the usual distractions of the internet.

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QHow does Wizeup work?
AWizeup works as an aggregator for online and proprietary content, searching all available resources to match them with your curriculum, topics and reading age. To ensure your learners have the best reliable content to use and further their learning.
QWhat content do I get through Wizeup?
AThrough Wizeup you get access to educational content for different classes aligned to CBSE curriculum needs
QDo I have to pay anything above the annual license free to access the Wizeup content?
ANo, the content available through the Wizeup platform is free and does not require you to incur any additional cost
QWhat is the format of content available through Wizeup?
AThe content available through Wizeup includes videos, text pages and images all aligned to CBSE curriculum
QWhat do the coloured dots with numbers on displayed results showcase?
AThe coloured dots depict reading level of the online educational results, it supports users in finding the relevant information for a specific topic at the appropriate reading and learning level of an individual (1 indicates easy, while 5 indicates hard)
QDo users need to have individual usernames and passwords to access Wizeup content?
ANo, users do not need to have individual credentials as the tool will be integrated within the existing Learning Management System (LMS) of your school
QMy school does not have an Learning Management System (LMS), can i still use Wizeup?
AYes, we can assist you in getting an integrated solution with support from our partners in India

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