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Catch-Up Challenge School Support Scheme

Specialist advice to support your catch-up plans

The Catch-up Challenge School Support Scheme brings together over 50 trusted UK education suppliers to provide you with the strategies and support you need to address your school’s catch-up requirements.

We understand that every school is different and will be faced with different challenges as all students return to the classroom.

Use the Catch-up Challenge School Support Scheme to:

Search for tailored support, specific to your school’s needs

Gain immediate access to specialist advice from trusted suppliers, free of charge

Filter by Ofsted criteria most relevant to your school’s priorities

Search our resources

Filter by category, subject, age and environment

Read our teacher reviews

See what other teachers think by reviewing our case studies

See what works for you

Enjoy an extended trial

Education Technology, when introduced as part of a whole-school strategy, has the power to help improve pupil outcomes, save teacher time and reduce workload burdens
Caroline Wright
BESA, Director General
Schools, colleges and universities have the power to choose the tech tools which are best for them and their budgets. But they cannot do this alone. It’s only by forging a strong partnership between government, technology innovators and the education sector that there will be sustainable, focused solutions which will ultimately support and inspire the learners of today and tomorrow.
Damian Hinds
Department for Education, Education Secretary

Only products produced by BESA members can be featured on the LendED site. That way, teachers know that products featured here are supplied by reputable companies who have signed up to our Code of Practice. For information on how to become a BESA member please see our website. If you are already a member and would like your product to be listed, then please contact [email protected]

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