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3D Printer loan from CREATE Education gives pupils the chance to hold self design 3D structures!

The CREATE Education Project

Spalding Parish C of E Day School loaned a 3D printer from CREATE Education, allowing them to hold their 3D, self designed, buildings in their hands!

In the Summer term, Spalding Parish Church of England Day School loaned a 3D printer from The CREATE Education Project as part of their Year 6 3D modelling scheme of learning, allowing them to hold their very own, self designed buildings in their hands!  

The loan of the 3D printer coincided with the delivery of Year 6’s scheme on 3D modelling which meant that they could physically print their designs and show off their own creations, giving the students further engagement with the module. 

The aims of the Year 6 3D modelling scheme of learning was for learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of using a computer to produce 3D models. Teachers at Spalding Parish Church of England Day School wanted pupils to familiarise themselves with working in a 3D space, moving, resizing, and duplicating objects. They further wanted them to create hollow objects using placeholders and combine multiple objects to create a model of a desk tidy, going on to plan, develop, and evaluate their own 3D model of a building.

The CREATE Education Project loan 3D technology to schools, colleges and universities at a low cost. The popular loan scheme allows teachers, tutors, lecturers and HE students the chance to access 3D printers, 3D scanners and 3D formers to use in their classrooms for 5 weeks. Established in 2014, The CREATE Education Project were formed to bridge the gap between industry and education, supporting educators to get innovative 3D printing and 3D technology into the hands of students, enabling them to develop much needed digital and STEM skills for a growing industry and the 3D loan scheme has become a central part in delivering these aims. 

Within the scheme of work, the children were able to use CAD software to create their designs. The students were introduced to Tinkercad, an online, open source piece of 3D software which is free. Tinkercad is created by Autodesk for use by primary and secondary school pupils so safeguarding and cyber safety is inbuilt within the programme, making it safe to use with young children in the classroom. Pupils got to grips with Tinkercad, creating a range of 3D shapes, practising their ability to select and move components and view them from different perspectives. 

Before the main projects, pupils practised their new found skills rotating, duplicating, and then grouping and ungrouping objects to make a name badge, 

Year 6 teacher, Emma Potts, said, “The access to a 3D printer gave the children an invaluable experience which they have gained a lot from!” 

Head of CREATE Education, Michelle Chatterley said, “We love seeing what the students create with the 3D printer loan. The children at Spalding Parish Church of England Day School have certainly pushed their 3D modelling skills by undertaking 3 different projects within the 5 week loan period! 

We especially love their structures. In the construction industry, the 3D printing of houses and other structures is becoming more popular, developing more cost effective, quicker and more sustainable ways of building. 

It’s great that the Year 6 students have been taught industry relatable skills, introducing them to the growing number of ways that additive manufacturing is being used in different sectors and industries!” 

Are you interested in learning more about a 3D technology loan from The CREATE Education Project? 

The CREATE Education Project is committed to providing low cost, high quality, solutions to 3D printing technology in schools, colleges and universities across the UK and Ireland. The 3D technology loan scheme is a key part of this. We can provide a:

  • 3D printer
  • 3D scanner
  • 3D former 

to your education establishment for 5 weeks, for £50 p&p plus a fully refundable deposit (Ts&Cs apply). To find out more, go to: 


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