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A Testimonial: Free webinar made me feel less daunted about getting 3D printing into my classroom

CREATE Education and RGS The Grange Worcester

Sonya was really enthusiastic about 3D printing. She is absolutely full of knowledge and expertise and made me feel that 3D printing was possible

Anna Pitt – Head of DT at RGS The Grange Worcester 

I first discovered CREATE Education, as my line manager at school had put me in touch with another DT teacher, to share some ideas about DT teaching practice. That DT teacher turned out to be a CREATE Education Ambassador who was more than happy to extol the virtues of the work that CREATE Education did. 

At the same time, I was looking at the CPD for 3D printing on the D and T Association website. CREATE Education is a Blueprint member of the D and T Association and therefore, I found the free webinars that they offered. 

I signed up and attended the ‘Introduction to 3D Printing in Primary Design & Technology Webinar on 23/11/2021’ and it was convenient for me to attend because it was online and after school, so I didn’t need to miss lesson time.

I got some amazing information from the webinar that was delivered by Sonya, The CREATE Education Project’s Training Manager. It was good to see how the printer could be used in progressively more sophisticated ways by different year groups and the demonstrations made me feel less daunted about the whole process – I felt it was something I would be able to introduce to my school.

Sonya was really enthusiastic about 3D printing. She is absolutely full of knowledge and expertise and made me feel that 3D printing was possible. 

After the webinar, I was able to ask our PTA to pay for the printer. To help me choose the best printer for my pupils, I was given a huge amount of help and advice with lots of emails and phone conversations with CREATE Education’s highly knowledgeable team. I now have an Ultimaker 2+ Connect and Air Manager. The printer arrived before the summer holidays and by the beginning of this term, with help from the school’s IT department, it was set up. This is a great starter printer! It was easy to set up, and has been reliable and easy for the students to use too. 

We  have also now had training from Sonya and I am thinking in detail about how best to use the printer with my class, but I have lots of ideas in mind! There will be a 3D printer element to at least one of my year group projects next term, the children are designing a badge for a new STEM ambassadors group which will be 3D printed and we are planning an after school 3D printing club. I also managed to print some keyring charms for our open day and have the printer running through the morning. 

I feel confident that The Create Education Project  will continue to help me to plan projects and use my 3D printer as the team have been brilliant – from the introductory webinar, to James in the sales team – being patient with all my questions and finding me the expert technical advice help when I needed it, and through to Sonya’s training, I want to thank them for their support so far.

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