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Achieve SATs Success Online: Case Study

St. Botolph’s CE Primary School

Age Range

“It is extremely comprehensive, and I am pleased to have it as a ‘weapon in the armoury’ again this year!”

Our school background

Include details of your role in the school, plus a broad summary of the type of pupils you are working with.
I am upper key stage two leader, year six teacher and a member of the senior leadership team. Our school has been involved in the year six SATs following LA reorganisation in 2017 when year six pupils remained at primary school in line with other schools rather than making the transition to the high school for year six. Our children come from a broad range of backgrounds, a mix of social and private housing and from working and non-working parents. We have a number of children who are eligible for pupil premium funding and SEN.

Why did you choose Achieve SATs Success Online?

Include details of any teaching challenges you have that you were hoping to overcome by using it
We were looking for an additional revision tool for the children at home. The online system we knew would be more appealing to the children as they had written homework as well. We liked this resource as it gave the children the chance to practise revision work they had done at school that day. Also the opportunities for children to extend their practise into greater depth was really useful.

How are you using Achieve SATs Success Online?

A brief description of how your school is using the interactive platform (during lessons, for homework, individual study etc).
Last year we used it mostly as an additional revision tool for home. Additionally, we used it within small booster groups.This year, we intend to use it in much the same way but children will be able to use it earlier as we purchased it quite late last year. We also used it to encourage parents to find out mathematical strategies by watching the tutorials.

What are the benefits of Achieve SATs Success Online?

Outline why you and your teachers like the resource and how it has helped with SATs preparation in your school. If you have any evidence that indicates how it has raised student attainment, please provide details.
Children like online resources. It was really useful being able to track scores and pupil usage and we could fine tune intervention using the results for individual children. It is hard to say if it has raised pupil attainment at this stage as we haven’t done SATs without it. However, it certainly encouraged a positive work ethic at home from many children and some that I wouldn’t have expected.

What are your favourite features of the product?

Comments on features such as the animated tutorials, practice quizzes, teacher dashboard, star rating.
All of it! It is an excellent all round package and all elements compliment each other.

Does your school use Achieve printed books? If so, how do you use the on and offline SATs preparation products in your school?

Yes, we used the GPS and maths books for revision homework from January. We also used the 100+ books for an after school session with our more able children. We liked how the books link well with the online resource.

Final comments

Any other comments – would you recommend Achieve SATs Success Online to other schools?
I would certainly recommend this to other schools. It provides an additional, child-friendly revision program which the children actually enjoyed using! It is extremely comprehensive and I  am pleased to have it as a ‘weapon in the armoury’ again this year! There are always a number of pupils who are more reluctant to work at home but this is far more appealing than books.

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