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All Saints CofE move away from outdated communication with SchoolPing

All Saints CofE Primary School

The school estimate that they save over £6,000 every year by reducing their printing costs to almost zero and eradicating text message costs.

All Saints CofE Primary School is a 207-pupil school located in Horsham, West Sussex. They wanted to move away from their outdated communication system as they were spending thousands texting parents as well as being limited in what they could do electronically.

Having used SchoolPing in a previous school and seeing both the financial benefits and improvements in parental engagement, Steve Taylor-Chambers, the IT Technician recommended the introduction of SchoolPing into the school.

Savings of £6,000+ every year

The school estimate that they save over £6,000 every year by reducing their printing costs to almost zero and eradicating text message costs.

The electronic forms facility as well as the parents evening booking system has helped the school reduce our printing costs (for admin) to almost zero!

Saving over 120 administration hours every year

With the app in full swing and being used by 100% of the parents, the administration team are saving hours of time every year. It is sometimes underestimated how much time admin teams spend on sorting paper-based communications as well as ensuring the communications reach their intended destination. Over the course of a year, teams can spend an average of 120 hours alone managing paper-based communications.

No more printing and distributing letters.

Printing and distributing letters into book bags not only eats away at admin resource, it is also really difficult to gage how many letters make it into the correct hands.

With SchoolPing the admin team can see exactly who has received, opened and read the messages which means they save hours chasing parents who haven’t responded. Response to parents evening and permission forms can be checked online and re-targeting parents can be done via a quick report. Overall SchoolPing is a much more efficient way of communicating with parents.

All of our parents love the system

Parents evening is now a breeze

The school love the parents evening feature of SchoolPing. They love how easy it is to set up and parents have had nothing but positive feedback about the app. The process is completely automated and much more efficient as their parents book directly through the app. They can only book ‘available’ slots meaning the admin team are not spending hours scheduling appointments based on parents preferred slots and juggling around this.

Parental response and engagement

Prior to SchoolPing the school had difficulty engaging their school community. With SchoolPing, everything the parents need is in one place and delivered directly through the app. Parents can respond instantly in real time and it is easy to reference pre-read communication. Not only that but re-targeting parents is so much easier.

Before we had SchoolPing, we found it difficult to engage parents – since having Ping, the parents respond well and the uptake has been brilliant.

 More info

If you would like more information about SchoolPing, visit our webpage or contact a member of our team directly.

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