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An online maths solution for home and school

Shinewater Primary School, Sussex

Age Range

Sumdog has helped to identify gaps, improve arithmetic skills and encourage home-learning at Shinewater Primary School

Shinewater Primary School were looking for a maths resource that would:

  • help boost SATs results
  • be used both at home and in school
  • wouldn’t add to teacher workload

The school purchased Sumdog in February 2018 and since then, children have enjoyed playing the fun and interactive games, whilst also building their maths confidence and developing maths skills.

Easy to set-up
I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get set up on Sumdog. I could just copy and paste the class list and printed out everyone’s login details. Each class completed their diagnostic tests and we were then confident that children could use Sumdog, knowing they were working at their own level.

Helps to identify gaps
I’ve found the data particularly helpful. Before using Sumdog, I found it tricky to see whole class gaps. I’m now able to see specific areas where a number of children have struggled, so I can add a mental starter on that for the next day.

Improves arithmetic skills
Year 6 teachers have remarked how well Sumdog has worked for developing arithmetic skills and they are now focusing on developing the reasoning skills behind the questions. IN year 2 , children are using it every day after schools and teachers have noticed how it has really helped to improve children’s mental maths. 

Facilitates practice at home
All of our teachers have been amazed by the number of children who have practised Sumdog at home and come in to tell us about it the next day. All their data is fed back to teachers via the dashboard so we can see what they are working on at home.

The pupils are engaged and motivated
The children absolutely love it. We took part in the East Sussex contest and lots of our classes won prizes. I was really impressed with how many of the children took part in it. We also run a Sumdog club after school and have been flooded with responses for it!

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