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Senso, Maitek

Bartley Green School using Senso

Bartley Green School

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We were very keen to get Senso installed on our network as it was highly recommended by other schools.

An Essential Tool

We were very keen to get Senso installed on our network as it was highly recommended by other schools.

It is an excellent safeguarding tool, providing both effective web filtering and monitoring in a single product. It has a vast array of features to help teachers keep the pupils on task when using in our ICT suites; including the option to restrict pupils to a specific list of relevant websites, screen monitoring and screen sharing. As ICT Technicians, we use Senso daily as an integral system to assist our pupils and staff remotely, manage assets and install software. Senso is an essential tool to help keep our pupils safe online, even if they are using
our laptops in their own homes.

Assisted Monitoring

We have also purchased the full version of the outstanding ‘Assisted Monitoring’ service from Senso. This optional service includes a team of online safety specialists who review all of the alerts captured from pupil computers, separating the false positives from the ones we need to act on as a school.

This saves our safeguarding team many hours each week, allowing them to spend more time directly supporting our pupils. The service is even continued during the school holidays wh ich is essential for our home use laptops. When there has been a potentially urgent safety risk, the Assisted Monitoring Team have contacted our safeguarding team via telephone so our
school can provide immediate support to the pupils who require it. As a cloud-based product, alerts are in real-time for our school computers both on and off site.

Comprehensive Support

The customer and technical support teams at Senso are genuinely lovely people who always do their best to help.

The chat feature within Senso is fantastic, I have been able to reach a technical support agent within minutes each time I have used it. I have been provided with comprehensive support to resolve the problems we have encountered. All computer software is prone to technical issues from time to time and the team at Senso are open and honest with any issues they may be experiencing, they have also created a status page for all the different features of their software.

Continually Evolving

The Senso product is continually evolving with new features regularly appearing, often in response to customer feedback.

Senso is a great product, not only designed to help teachers keep their pupils focused on learning but also to alert our staff to online safety risks, cyberbullying and personal health issues so we can best protect the pupils in our care.

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