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Harris Federation

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This outlines the first pilot study of Bili conducted across 3 secondary schools in the Harris Federation paired with La Croix Rouge Lasalle in Brest

The attached summary describes a research project over a 6 week period between English and French. At its earliest stage it demonstrated that the Bili platform had a significant impact on student motivation to learn French and their confidence in communication.

This academic research was conducted with control groups and as part of a MA dissertation at the Institute of Education. The exchange ran over 6 weeks the study investigated the feasibility and the effect on peer-to-peer feedback on student progress and motivation as well as the possible implications for teacher workload.

Since this stage the platform has developed to include more features and improve the experience for the teachers and learners, including:

  • Media messages
  • Live chat and a shared forum
  • More tracking and class management tools
  • A real time video chat app

We have facilitated a number of different exchanges from primary level, through secondary, up to our recent project in higher education “Bili Connects” with the British Council and the FCO (more details on many of these can be found through our blog and on the Bili website). Led by a former teacher and anchored in evidence Bili’s product development is designed specifically to support teachers to deliver opportunities to their students to use language for real in a safe environment.

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