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Broadband Filtering & Security – Limehurst Academy

Limehurst Academy Secondary School

Limehurst Academy on the benefits of using Schools Broadband web filtering and security

Matthew Taylor, IT Services Manager at Limehurst Academy outlines the benefits the filtering and security platform at Schools Broadband has brought to their school. Limehurst Academy is a school with 600 students. They also provide an external support service to other schools in the Trust.

Responsive Filtering

“We particularly like how responsive the new Netsweeper filtering platform is, especially with the logs and the unblocking of content. The Prevent reports that come through every day are one of the best benefits to the filtering platform. And because the logs are live, you can view web traffic straight away. We were recently able to help a vulnerable student as a result of the reports.”

Seamless Migration

“Migrating to the Netsweeper platform was very straight forward and seamless. We were back up and running within an hour.”


“The support from Schools Broadband is very good. It’s nice to speak to the same support people as you start to build up a relationship with them and they understand how your school works. A lot of other providers just see you as a number, whereas I can phone through to Rob or Jamie for example and they know who I am and what schools I support. It’s really nice to have that friendly rapport as well.”

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