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Cracking Comprehension Online: Case Study

St Blane’s Primary, Scotland

“Ready made, appropriate resources with the possibility of teaching skills through the whiteboard.”

How are you using this resource?
As yet we are in early stages of using across the school.  I use it on a daily basis with my targeted intervention group for developing reading strategies and comprehension.  I have demonstrated the resource to all staff and some have already started using it in class particularly in the upper school. 

Why did you choose this resource? 

We chose this resource as we wanted readymade texts with appropriate questions to enable us to teach how to dissect a text through use of before, during and after reading strategies.  Through the questions we are able to model and develop pupils’ skills in approaching a question, understanding what it is asking of them, locating relevant parts of the passage etc. 

What are the main benefits of the resource?

The online package which enables modelling of skills through highlighting, recording evidence and matching how close to the answer.  The practice texts are extremely useful as well.  Before we got this programme we had to try and create our own questions to go with texts we had e.g. reading books.  This added to teacher workload.  Now we know we have well researched texts and questions to be used.  We are still in early stages of cascading across the school so too soon to assess impact on student attainment. 

Is the resource flexible? How?

Yes.  Can be used both online and in paper form.  As I have not got my own classroom with whiteboard and computer is invaluable that I can print off copies of the modelling text to use with small groups.  You can dip into to the various genres and also find any that match a current topic.  E.g. this week used “War Boy” text with a class that are studying world war 2. 

Does the resource engage your learners? How?

So far the children I have worked with have been engaged by the stories I have used with them.   The teachers that have been using with their class have reported engagement using it on the smart board. 

How has it helped to direct your teaching plans?

The resource matches very well with the skills in both CfE and our Literacy for All planners that are used in Glasgow which detail exactly the reading strategies that should be taught at each stage. 

Have you found the resource easy to use? 

Yes.  Very easy to navigate and every resource easily accessible through the online package. 

What did you like about it?  

Having texts and questions available without having to make them up myself.  The confidence that it matches the skills I am trying to teach. 

What did you not like about it?

Nothing yet!

Would you recommend this resource to other schools? Why?

Absolutely.  Ready made, appropriate resources with the possibility of teaching skills through the whiteboard.  Opportunities to model and reinforce the use of strategies. 

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