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Developing Experts

Developing Experts – Mission: Science

Developing Experts

We bridge the gap between education and industry for science

Starting with science, Developing Experts is a complete curriculum solution for children aged 4 to 14 years and is the ideal for teaching, revision and home learning.

It provides a growing library of over 700 interactive, online lessons with practical investigations, handouts and assessment quizzes fully mapped against multiple curricula including the National Curriculum and the Next Generation Science Standards. Lessons come with experts from university and industry and are narrated with unforgettable stories – told through stunning images and videos. The platform enables governments to centrally track performance based on a library of lessons which upskills teacher’s performance while reducing costs.

Our software enables you to set and monitor our science curriculum remotely.

Developing Experts provides industry with a meaningful way to showcase their sector in the classroom. We signpost relevant links between the curriculum, industry and training providers from a variety of STEM-related sectors. Our solution saves teachers’ time, upskills their knowledge, raises standards and has the potential to attract more young people into STEM-related careers. It addresses a sector’s needs and skills shortage by enabling teachers, parents, and children to learn about industries through the curriculum.

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