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Discovery Primary Academy Using Tutoring with the Lightning Squad

Discovery Primary Academy

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Why did Discovery Primary Academy choose Tutoring with the Lightning Squad?

Why did Discovery Primary Academy choose Tutoring with the Lightning Squad?

Discovery Primary Academy were on a drive to ensure that all children became confident and secure readers by the end of KS1.

They were already using FFT’s Success for All Phonics scheme and were aware of FFT’s catch-up reading programme, included as part of their subscription.

The school were impressed by the compelling data that in 6 weeks/15 hours of using Tutoring with the Lightning Squad, children could make 3-4 months progress.

They had a number of children who were below expected in their reading and were therefore keen to roll the intervention out across the school. The school began using the programme in the summer of 2021.


Implementing the programme

The senior leadership team were the first staff to introduce the programme at the school. They began by selecting the children they felt would benefit most from the intervention in Year 1, and started tutoring them for half an hour each day.

Once the programme was well underway, the delivery was rolled out to other teaching staff at Discovery Primary Academy.

In total 67 children were tutored and the progress seen in their reading over the years of using the programme has been fantastic.

Reading progress made

First round of tutoring: Summer 2021

5 weeks into the programme:
67% Children in Year 1 made 4 months progress
87% Children in Year 2 made 4 months progress (6% made 6 months progress)

12 weeks into the programme:
8 months Reading progress made by Year 2 Pupil Premium children
4 months Reading progress made by the remaining children

Second round of tutoring: 18 months into the programme

Week 18:
40 WPCM Improvement on average made in year 2 and year 3 children
+9 months Average reading age improvement

A spotlight on pupil progress at Discovery Primary Academy

Michael’s Reading Journey

Michael started Discovery Primary Academy in the Reception year, having only just turned four a few weeks before. He entered school as a quiet and shy little boy. He enjoyed being in school, however he was a reluctant reader and it didn’t come easily to him. By the end of Year 1, Michael was working well below the end of Year 1 expectations. At the beginning of Year 2, Michael was reading books matched at the beginning of Year 1 level.

Michael started on the Tutoring with Lightning Squad programme during the Spring term of Year 1, where he started on story 4. He continued with tutoring in Year 2 and has now completed over 100 sessions, reaching story 54. Now at the end of Year 2, Michael has had a successful year with his reading and he is currently reading books matched to the beginning of Year 3 standard.

Michael’s class teacher has noted: “Michael has made some wonderful progress in reading this year and he thoroughly enjoys participating in TWL. When he returns to the classroom with a certificate, and having earned points, he has a beaming smile from ear to ear! The TWL programme has helped him, not only to read his reading books that he takes home, but also to access reading in other areas of learning e.g. reading and understanding word problems; the layout of different question types in other curricular areas. Michael now approaches much of his learning with independence and confidence. Being able to read well has helped to accelerate his progress in all areas of his learning.”


Why are Discovery Primary Academy pleased with Tutoring with the Lightning Squad?

Louise Chapman, Assistant Headteacher, highlights the benefits seen since using the catch-up reading programme:

  • Children have gained increased confidence towards reading
  • Supports classroom work
  • Children’s vocabulary has developed with an understanding of the words
  • Reinforces spelling and phonics
  • Children enjoy it – rewards, some competition to beat previous scores.
  • TWL resources/training readily available.

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