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Mantra Lingua


Nurseries, Infants, Juniors and early Secondary Schools.

550 ebooks in dual languages for EAL, MFL, SEN. Text read aloud in English and Home Languages. Books with video and activities.

The ‘Kitabu’ library of 550 plus eBooks in dual languages is available for free trial for a period of three weeks after logging in. Folk tales, Myths, Stories of children in today’s multicultural Britain, reference books are in English with 38 languages. The unique feature of each picture book is that text is read out aloud in English with Arabic, Polish, Romanian, French, Spanish, Bengali, German… that makes the library suitable for EAL and MFL reading. Every book has a video and set of learning activities that help check comprehension and vocab building. English fonts are dyslexic friendly. Age range 3 to 14 years.

The eBooks are part of a multi-modal approach where children can also read physical books, where each page is sound enabled for reading the text (in both languages) and recording voices with our PENpal device. Many of the stories are also part of our Kamishibai Desktop Theatre range with words removed from pictures for children to add their own versions.

Kitabu eBooks are offered initially for a period of three weeks with FREE access till 31 August 2020. Users are given an access code after parents register. With this large collection, the whole family could use the library on multi-devices.

From 1st SEPTEMBER 2020, the price for the full library will be on scales based on number of users, duration, and the quantity of books. Please visit our website for a ready reconner where you can find the right combination of books that suits your budget.

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