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Helping Roedean School to simplify their training process

Roedean School

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TrainingSchoolz has allowed Roedean School to track their training and keep it in one easy-to-manage place.

Q&A with Max Carpenter, IT

How easy has TrainingSchoolz made it to get training out to candidates first time and tracking the results of the training?

It’s very easy! I’ve had no problems with it, it’s easy to send training to the candidates and to track the results of the training.

What are the main benefits of using TrainingSchoolz to you and your school?

I would say the main benefit is the staff being able to complete all the training they need and having that all in one place you can track.

Do you find your selected plan with TrainingSchoolz value for money?

Yes, we didn’t want to spend a lot for a subscription with these particular features. The price we paid for the content and the tools we have with TrainingSchoolz is good value for money. We were looking for something quite quickly with GDPR training at the time and we were quite happy with the benefits of TrainingSchoolz, so we didn’t even need to compare it to any other alternative products.

Would you say TrainingSchoolz supported you in an efficient and professional way?

Yes! I have put in requests for additional features with TrainingSchoolz, which they are currently working on implementing.

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