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I Can Present – Green Screen (Chroma Key)

Various Including Glenaire Primary School, Shelton Junior School, The New Rush Hall School, Claverdon Primary School

Age Range

I Can Present, a green screen presentation tool which enables pupils to easily and quickly create news broadcasts and presentations.

I Can Present is a presentation software tool which enables pupils to create news broadcasts, weather presentations and other presentations. Users can import any digital image as a background and use extra features such as the date stamp, scrolling news ticker or watermark. A full set of animated weather symbols are included. Additionally they can integrate video as well as Power Point slides into their presentations. A teleprompter can be used for scripts written in any language.

The filming can take place in front of a green screen to allow the background image to be superimposed, or the spilt-screen option can be used to film in front in any location, such as an outside broadcast. The script scrolls on the built-in teleprompt and users can advance onto a new slide or topic with a click of the mouse.

There is additionally an iOS and Android versions of I Can Present available, developed to extend the use of and support the desktop version. The mobile Apps are more akin to the ‘satellite phone’ used by reporters in the field, and offer a teleprompter that can be used for a script or question prompts. Students can undertake interviews and ‘outside broadcast’ presentations that can then be used alongside I Can Present in the classroom.

Rebecca Cole, teacher at Glenaire Primary School

It’s a very clever piece of software and pupils grasp it straight away. To have a resource that helps us teach so many different areas of the curriculum and lets pupils have fun with learning is just superb.

Neil Thurlow, teacher at Shelton Junior School

This product is fantastic in the sense that it’s so unique. It is intuitive, accessible and very clever.

Impact on learning

The software allows many different approaches that encompass varying objectives, helping to bring the subjects of modern foreign languages (English as a second language), geography, history, literacy and ICT to life, along with building the pupil’s collaboration, speaking, listening and presentation skills.

John d’Abbro OBE, Head Teacher, The New Rush Hall School

The beauty of it is the fact is that you can use it to enhance any area of the curriculum and it helps pupils immerse themselves in what they are learning about, bringing it to life in a way that learning from a textbook just cannot do. They see themselves in front of the Eiffel Tower or presenting a weather forecast, for example, which is fun and really helps them get into character. Children no longer see writing as an onerous task; it has audience and it has purpose. Even better, they automatically edit their work, re-drafting because it they feel it doesn’t sound right and that’s how language should work.

Rebecca Cole

The software excites and motivates pupils so that they learn without even realising. The loveable rogues, the ones that are harder to motivate, are just hooked. Being able to use the chroma key to have a real backdrop so that the finished piece feels part of that time period gives the lesson a real impact. We can get them inspired about any topic – local history, modern foreign languages, science, art, geography, it’s an endless list!

Neil Thurlow

For the more academic children it can help to provide a challenge as they can delve deeper into a topic. For those that don’t achieve quite as much it’s a great motivator, children start writing with enthusiasm and are really game for it.

 Supporting or enhancing work

Rebecca Cole

I Can Present fits into so many curriculum areas and the children love to use it so it makes a teacher’s life easier from the off! There’s a palpable sense of enthusiasm when we use the software so some of the typical barriers to learning fall away instantly.

Neil Thurlow

This resource is a showpiece for us, a different way of learning. The children love it -as soon as they see the green screen they get excited.

 John d’Abbro

When we’ve tried to use technology in the past that wasn’t as well designed as this we were essentially trying to make it fit the syllabus. This fits with our teaching and it fits with what really motivates children.

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