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Fiction Express,

[Key Stage 2] Inspiring children who have limited experience and limited reading

Manorfield Primary School (London)

Age Range

“Fiction Express has changed the culture of reading at our school.” Paul Jackson, Headteacher

Manorfield Primary School (London), a state school located in a socioeconomically challenged area.

What they were looking to achieve

  • To boost reading for pleasure at home and school.
  • To give reluctant readers more choice and enjoyment due to interactive elements.
  • To offer quality, purposeful, independent reading activities during carousel guided reading time

Why they recommend Fiction Express to other teachers

  • Fiction Express is a great tool to get children reading and enjoying their reading.
  • Excellent per-pupil price given the extensive Fiction Express content and complementary functionalities in comparison to traditional paper books
  • Very good quality

Impact on pupils’ learning

  • Fiction Express has a huge impact on children’s enjoyment of reading. It actually transferred from FE into books and we see children engage in a much richer way.
  • Children are now able to articulate why they like texts, why they like reading. The enjoyment of reading just shines through.
  • Fiction Express builds vocabulary through the online glossary.
  • Children can read anywhere, don’t need to take a book. Great if they’ve forgotten to take a book home.

Enhancement of teachers’ work

  • Teachers can monitor quickly and easily children’s reading habits and progress through tracking.
  • We can motivate our students to read more by rewarding the heavy readers through competitions in each class.
  • Saves teachers time when planning meaningful reading activities.
  • Fiction Express introduces teachers to quality writing and new authors.

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