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Kinteract working with St Joseph’s Catholic Primary to enhance their data-driven decision-making capability from nursery through to year 6

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Age Range
Early years4-11

Kinteract worked with St Joseph’s Catholic Primary to enhance their data-driven decision-making capability from nursery through to year 6.

The school

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire is a voluntary aided school with a ‘good’ Ofsted rating and a student roll of 105.

The challenge

Their initial approach was focused on finding a tool to give a more holistic view of the progress pupils were making as they transitioned from nursery and throughout the primary year groups of the school. They already used an edtech product in the nursery environment but needed something that would transition with pupils as they progressed through the school.

The school additionally aimed to improve parental engagement and wanted to have the ability to share a child’s progress regularly rather than relying on a termly report or a parent consultation evening to celebrate success or keep parents engaged with their child’s learning.

St Joseph’s is a Catholic Primary school with a specific need to analyse and evidence progress against the Catholic Curriculum alongside the English Primary Curriculum.

The solution
In implementing Kinteract throughout the school, the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team have been able to monitor progress more easily by year group, groups of pupils or at individual level, identifying positive results or indeed areas in need of improvement. As a result, there has been a knock-on effect of also reducing teacher workload.

According to Deputy Head Alison Murray, “Using Kinteract as our assessment system has allowed us to measure the implementation and impact of the curriculum we are teaching at St Joseph’s. The Kinteract app allows our Nursery and Primary school staff to immediately record observations of individual pupils and groups of pupils across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, the National Curriculum and Catholic Education Services Age Related Standards in Religious Education.

In terms of parental engagement, Kinteract has also delivered, with the ability for teachers to post observations or evidence of learning through multi-media inputs to parents instantly, linking them to the curriculum quickly and easily with relevant hashtags.
Being able to evidence progress specifically against the Catholic Curriculum can easily be achieved as Kinteract supports multiple curricula enabling schools to work with any curriculum at any given time through posts, as well as creating either baseline, formative or summative assessment against any curricula.
Year five and six teacher Rhys Gunter said, “Using Kinteract has been great to track and assess a child’s progression in class. It has saved me a lot of time when uploading national curriculum objectives a child has met by grouping children together. The graphs produced, after assessment data has been uploaded, are clear and show where the class are at for meeting objectives”.

Kinteract Innovator Award
And finally it’s important to acknowledge St Joseph’s Catholic Primary as the first school in the UK to be awarded the Kinteract Innovator Award for their commitment to innovation in education technology and as recognition of the school’s ability to use advanced digital tools to effectively record a child’s achievements, individually monitor and evaluate learning and provide feedback to parents.
The impact

About Kinteract
Kinteract is a portable learning record from early years, through to university and beyond. Kinteract is changing learning by encouraging progress against any curriculum as well as nurturing the life skills and competencies needed to be successful in today’s world.

Moreover, as a platform Kinteract helps schools by aggregating data from the various services and products they use, and derive AI powered insights to further improve outcomes.

To book a free demo for your school click on the take a trial button.
We’re offering free usage to all schools impacted by school closures due to the Coronavirus, giving you full access between now and the end of the current school year in July.

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