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Language Link Effect – evidence of pupil attainment and staff practice over three studies


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Language Link Effect – evidence of pupil attainment and staff practice over three studies

Language Link Effect – evidence of pupil attainment and staff practice over three studies

A key aim of Language Link is to train school staff to identify developmental language difficulties and support them by using recommended strategies effectively.  The package aims to train staff to improve outcomes for children. To investigate the impact of using the Language Link approach, class teachers and staff were surveyed about their experiences of using the package and the difference they felt it had made to their pupils and working practices.


Three surveys were carried out between 2013 and 2017.  Data was collected at training sessions and online.  In total there were 962 participants across the three surveys.  All participants were familiar with the package.

Headline Results

The response to all three questionnaires was positive with 93.4% of respondents reporting Language Link had made a positive difference to their children. Staff also reported a change in their own behaviour with 71.2% of support staff reporting they had changed the way they work with children resulting from using Language Link.

Has Classroom practice changed?

Has using Language Link made you change the way you work with children?

62.5% of participants reported they changed the way they work with children (sample size 962). A higher number of support staff reported changes to their practice (71.2%) than teachers and SENCos (48.3%).

How have you changed in your classroom practice?

Participants of survey 3 were asked to rate their use of strategies before using Language Link and then again at the end of their first year.  There was a significant difference in the frequency of use across strategies for all staff (P<0.0001, sample size 346) with the frequency increasing.


Overall, using Language Link impacts positively on both children and staff.  The majority of staff reported improvements in understanding and listening skills as well as boosting confidence and increased participation I classroom activities.

A high proportion of teaching staff felt that use of Language Link had raised attainment of their pupils beyond expectations.

A very encouraging by product of using the package was the change in classroom practice reported by the majority of participants with increased use of classroom support strategies.

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